SUPER ART FIGHT: ROUND ONE Quick & Dirty Results

Last Night, SUPER ART FIGHT: ROUND ONE took the Ottobar by storm.

We are equally excited and humbled by the astonishing turnout, and can’t wait to get the gears spinning on ROUND TWO.

Before that though, let’s get to what happened last night!

  • PRELIMINARY BOUT: Jamie Baldwin defeated Michael S. Bracco
  • PRELIMINARY BOUT: Garth Graham defeated Chris Impink
  • MAIN EVENT: Jami Noguchi defeated Nick Borkowicz to become the FIRST SUPER ART FIGHT CHAMPION!

Keep your eyes locked on to for exclusive photos and video content from last night’s show, plus details on our NEXT event, which may be sooner than you think.

As for team ArtFight, we’ll be back at The Ottobar this Thursday night, as part of the Peelander-Z show.

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  1. Johnny says:

    This was so much fun. Thank you for putting it on, I loved attending. I could tell a lot of work went on behind the scenes. Everyone out there should check this out!



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