SUPER ART FIGHT Is Available For Bookings!

Fresh off of our wonderful time at Akiba Fest this past weekend, we at Super Art Fight are proud to make a huge announcement!

Super Art Fight is officially available for bookings!

Super Art Fight, self-described as the “next generation of art entertainment”, is a fast-based exciting live event, and you too can have it at your concert, convention or live show.

Having entertained packed houses since June 2008, Super Art Fight can be configured to meet your any need.  We’ve done small shows with two artists, full events featuring 3 match cards, and even a 24 hour long event for charity.

What makes Super Art Fight such a great choice for your show? We are “multi purpose” guests.  Each of the artists featured as part of Super Art Fight have reputations of their own, whether in the world of webcomics, graphic novels, blogging or art exhibitions, with their own dedicated fanbases.  When Super Art Fight is at your show, you don’t just have the fans of Super Art Fight attending and excited, you have the fans of the artists, attending and excited.

To book Super Art Fight, contact us at with the pertinent event details (date, size and location), so we can get back to you with a quote.

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  1. Matagast says:

    Rock and Roll You Crazy Hamsters!

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