Super Art Fight 4: Official Topic Suggestion Post!


With just ONE WEEK remaining until Super Art Fight storms the doors of the Ottobar and sets Baltimore aflame with Super Art Fight 4, we’re dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s.

And the latest and greatest thing checked off on the “To Do” list is this…

The Super Art Fight 4 Topic Suggestion Post!

New to Super Art Fight? Here’s the deal:

All Super Art Fight bouts are fought under the ever seeing eye of the Wheel of Death. This topic generator uses fan suggested topics (that’s you!) which the competing artists are assigned at scheduled intervals throughout the course of their bouts.

These suggestions can be as complex as “A Carrot!” or elaborate as “Ninjas vs. Zombies Dodgeball”.

Please keep your suggestions to a short word length (the Wheel of Death is only able to display so many characters), but aside from that…no suggestions are barred!

So get to suggestin’ in the comments!

Be sure to join us on July 16th at The Ottobar for Super Art Fight 4 to see which topics make it to the boards from THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

EDIT: Thank you all for your amazing suggestions. While they’ll have to be edited for length, we are completely humbled by the outpouring of suggestions, and of your support in general.

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60 Responses to Super Art Fight 4: Official Topic Suggestion Post!

  1. Strong Bad vs the Persian Army
    Steven Segal vs 200 angry midgets that know how to 20’s style box
    Wookie Rock Band
    Chris Walken, Jean Claude Van Damme, Sam Jackson, and Eric Roberts in Top Gun
    Stallone and Danza as the greatest morning radio team ever!
    Billy Mays selling Manowar sweatpants
    Steve Irwin the the land of Dr. Seuss

  2. Yeah says:

    Christopher Walken stepdancing
    Crossover of the movies Leon and The Dark knight
    And antromorphic panda dressed for Christmas

  3. TJ Hooker: The Animated Series
    The new adventures of Gentle Ben w/ Clint Howard as Gentle Ben
    David Lee Roth vs Skat Kat in a skat batte to the death
    Vin Diesel & David Hasselhoff as Siegfried & Roy
    The Wiggles: A Michael Bay Film
    Robin Williams as David the Gnome
    Billy Mays haunting Vince Offer’s jail cell
    Matt Hardy the bountyhunter

  4. Rossmom says:

    What I would like to see are pictures of stick figures battling. I don’t mean just fighting, I mean getting down and dirty!

    And if I am not invited to the next one (w/advance notice so I can actually get there) someone WILL PAY!!!!!

  5. Dave says:

    A monster truck which is on fire, being driven by lesbians in bikinis. The lesbians must be doing any combination of the following (must include at least three):

    – mud-wrestling in the truck bed
    – drinking beer
    – shooting guns
    – eating nachos
    – playing heavy metal

  6. Kevin says:

    Jon & Kate Plus 8 Versus Octomom

  7. Jason says:

    John Rambo taking the light rail to his office job
    Dr. Doom: Walmart Greeter
    Abe Vigoda v. Abe Lincoln
    “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Attorney at Law

  8. Papa Georgio
    Tom Selleck vs Burt Reynolds in a mustache dual
    LaToya Jackson vs Dion Warwick in a psychic friends showdown
    The Golden Girls as the Fantastic 4
    Admiral Ackbar’s baked goods, so good its a trap! (love that bit)
    Benson vs Mr. Belvedere in a butler showdown to the death
    Chewbacca on Chemo
    Jabba the Hut vs Kirtie Alley in a weightloss competition (complete with hearts on fire montage)
    Smokey the bears mountain top meth lab burning down the forrest
    Michael Jackson vs Farrah Fawcett
    Corkey from life goes on as king Leonidas
    Robocop after retirement
    Jason Statham as Gargamel attacking the smurfs
    Three’s Company with Zombie John Ritter
    Oceans 17

  9. Kool Aid Man
    The Wheel of Death itself
    a wet tuna
    Dr. Manhattan
    monkeys on unicycles

  10. Marvel’s midnight son’s of Hitler
    Panda, the tastiest meat ever

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