Way back in the year of our lord, 1994, Baltimore was all aflutter with the first football franchise in ten years, the Baltimore Stallions.

While not an NFL team, as Baltimore citizens hoped for, the Stallions were just as good, a prime franchise in the growing Canadian Football League.  While this franchise was a point of pride for Charm City residents for all two of the years it existed, in Canada, the reaction was quite different.

It was bad enough that the United States were getting a team in their league, the Stallions then proceeded to win the Grey Cup (the CFL’s equivalent to the Vince Lombardi Trophy) in their second and final season of existence.  The Americans had invaded…won their championship…and no retribution would be had.

Given the FOURTEEN years of anger and angst over this Grey Cup victory, it should come as no surprise that on August 1st at Connecticon 2009, the first Art Fight clash between an artist who calls Canada his home and a Baltimore resident lead to a bout for the ages.

The match was scheduled as a tag, with the Canadian team of Lar DeSouza & Alina Pete battling Super Art Fight co-founder (and Baltimore resident) Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz & his partner Steve Naperski.  Despite the presence of partners, the real battle lay between Borkowicz and DeSouza.  Lines were drawn, ink was splattered, canvas was punched and artists were attacked.  As the smoke cleared, the Canadian duo of DeSouza and Pete had their hand raised.

For Borkowicz, this was a slap in the face…Super Art Fight is his baby, and in its Connecticut debut, he should’ve had another mark in the win column.  For DeSouza, a Canada native, this was a small mark of retribution for the Baltimorian slight years earlier.

Incensed by his loss, on Monday, August 3rd, Borkowicz immediately petitioned the SAF Championship Committee for a one-on-one rematch with DeSouza to take place at Super Art Fight 5.  The request was approved, and a letter of interest was sent to Lar immediately.   After going through the United States Postal Service, sitting over a week in Canadian customs, and then making it’s way through the Canadian Postal Service, DeSouza received the letter of intent on August 17th.

DeSouza then sent his response via a Canadian dog sled team, which arrived at the Super Art Fight offices this past Friday. The note read simply…”Yes.”

So, in the war to settle the score, it will be, for the first time ever, one on one…

Lar DeSouza (Artist, “Least I Could Do” & “Looking For Group“)


Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz (Co-Creator, “Dead of Summer” & “Art Fight High School“)

The Borkowicz v. DeSouza rivalry looks to be one for the Canadian/US ages, joining such rivalries as Hart v. Michaels, Canadian Bacon v. Real Bacon and Timbits v. Munchkins.

Will the Charm City native Borkowicz take the victory? Will DeSouza gain his first singles victory on the Art Fight stage?

Find out the answers to that, and many other questions as we invade The Metro Gallery for Super Art Fight 5, on Friday, October 9th 2009! Tickets on sale soon!

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