SAF5: Championship Bout Revealed!


In our short history, one thing we’ve learned at Super Art Fight is that one night can change the course of a competitor’s entire career.

Just ask Michael Bracco. Debuting at our second event, Super Art Fight in September 2008, Bracco lost in his debut, in an opening bout.  As your SAF ranking is based not only on your win/loss ratio, but also where on the card those wins and losses were obtained, Bracco believed his career was going to be short-lived.  Cut to Super Art Fight 3 in December.  Michael Bracco won two matches back to back, starting with a 4 person Battle Royale, then a special challenge tag match.  This amazing turn of events made him the number one contender, which lead to his shot at…and win of…the Super Art Fight title this past July.

You know who else understands the importance of one show? Chris Impink.

For Impink, it was looking pretty lean.  With a 0-2 record, it appeared that he might get dropped off the live show entirely.  So on July 16th at the Ottobar for Super Art Fight 4, he took a chance.  Stepping into an open challenge against Jamie Baldwin, she, with the 2nd best record in the company at the time, Chris was either going to make his name in a night, or drop to an unheard of 0-3 record.

Chris Impink took the victory that night, finally gaining his much wanted win.  But what was the true surprise, was the rest of the wins that night.  One look at the rankings page after SAF4 told the story…CHRIS IMPINK WAS GOING FOR THE TITLE AT SUPER ART FIGHT 5.

On Friday Night, October 9th, at the Metro Gallery, the creator of Iron Artist, the show which inspired Super Art Fight, Chris Impink battles against the artistic Supernova, our champion, Michael Bracco.

Can Impink stay on the winning path? Can Michael Bracco be the first Super Art Fight champion to have a successful defense without losing the title?

Join us on October 9th, and find out the answers.

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