Coming off of Super Art Fight 4, it was clear there were some shifts in the SAF locker room.

Jamie Baldwin, who had built quite the impressive record (and the ego to go with it), had her sights set at a Championship bout at SAF5, with those dreams snuffed out by the previously winless Chris Impink.

Concurrently, previous unknown, Kelsey Wailes made her debut in the first ever Do-Or-Die Battle Royale, earned her spot on the SAF roster, and is setting out to build a record of victories on her way to the top.

Two strong females. Two strong personalities. So it’s not too surprising that they’d clash.

As the First Female of Art Fighting, Baldwin was immediately bothered by Wailes making such a splash, and petitioned for a bout with Kelsey at SAF5.  The stipulation? As Jamie put it: “She better get a partner, as there’s no way she can beat me by herself.”

For Kelsey, this was a welcome challenge, as a win over Jamie Baldwin at SAF5 will continue her run, and give her a victory over an Art Fight veteran.

So, the contracts were written up, and the match was agreed upon. Two fighters. Two strong personalities. Two teams going head to head.

At Super Art Fight 5, Friday Night, October 9th at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland, in a Special Tag Team Challenge, it will be….

Jamie Baldwin & ? vs. Kelsey Wailes & ?

You may note…there’s 2 question marks to be filled there! As part of the agreed upon deal, both Kelsey and Jamie must reveal their partners before Super Art Fight 5.  Now it’s a game of who blinks first – who will announce before the other? The first to reveal immediately can be countered by their opponent’s choice.  Who will their partners be? Who will be victorious?! Only time will tell.

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