This past weekend, the roving Super Art Fight camera team was with the crew at Tigercon 2009.

Tigercon was a heck of a fun time, but we had a heard a rumor that Bryan Prindiville had some answers about who was teaming with who in the Wailes v. Baldwin tag war on October 9th.

As you can see above, he revealed his loyalty.

But that wasn’t all for the SAF scoopsters.  We had our spies placed at Bethesda, Maryland’s SPX, and overheard a very important conversation between two prominent female webcomickers.

So, while as above, Kelsey Wailes went to her fellow SAF Do or Die Battle Royale survivor Bryan Prindiville, Jamie Baldwin looked outside of the traditional art fight pool, and took aim with a slingshot.

Not just any slingshot – some Girls With Slingshots.

That’s right. October 9th, at Super Art Fight 5, you will see a tag war unlike any other as it’s….

Bryan Prindivlle & Kelsey Wailes vs. Jamie Baldwin & Danielle Corsetto.

Be there for Corsetto’s debut! Be there for the biggest tag battle of all time! BE AT SUPER ART FIGHT 5!!

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  1. Daine Birch says:

    Awesome! I’m glad I’m going to be there, I just started reading Girls with Slingshots a couple of weeks ago, I can’t wait to see Jamie and Danielle Kick ass.

  2. Anon Guy says:

    While I love the basset hounds (and the GWS fan art was AWESOME)… I have to cheer for my girl Corsetto. Wish I could be there to witness the ensuing artist beat down.

  3. Marie says:

    GO GWS TEAM! Aloha from the beautiful islands of Hawaii! We love you guys here! I know you can kick puppy butt!

  4. Benno C says:

    KICK BUTT CORSETTO! You have Australia’s full backing. (And pseudo-government funding)

  5. Mason M says:

    Whoo team GWS! Another island of Hawaii supports you!

  6. L Barto says:

    Team Corsetto for the win!!! This is going to be so awesome. I already shed a tear that I’ll be missing it…someone please youtube it!!!

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