SAF5: Final Details Before Showtime


Once again, a cycle of announcement, hype and excitement has come to a close, and it’s up to us at Super Art Fight to deliver.

Tonight, Friday, October 9th, we debut at the awesome venue of The Metro Gallery, to present arguably one of our most stacked cards of all time, Super Art Fight 5.

The fighters are coming into town, the Wheel of Death is being loaded up, checklists are being checked off, mics are being tested, songs are being practiced, and it all comes down to 8pm, when doors open.

Should you be in need of directions to The Metro Gallery, click here for a Google Map of the location.  There is ample parking right next door in an affordable and secure parking garage.

Here’s the schedule for tonight’s events. Of course, all projected times are subject to change as well…we’re human.

8pm – Doors open for attendees. Tickets are available at the door, it’s just $10 for admittance.  The Metro Gallery is a 21+ only venue, so we apologize to our younger attendees for any inconvenience.

9pm – Our hosts, Ross Nover and Marty Day hit the stage along with Super Art Fight DJ, DJ Sheephead to get Super Art Fight underway.

9:10pm – The first bout of the evening is our tag team war, pitting the team of Jamie Baldwin & Danielle Corsetto against the team of Bryan Prindiville & Kelsey Wailes.  This match is scheduled for a 30 minute time limit, and has taken the internet by storm, with challenge videos, call outs on websites, angry twitter messages and even ADVERTISING taking this bout to the next level.

9:50pm – Our musical guest, Karmella’s Game takes the stage for the first of two musical sets for the evening.

10:05pm – Our second bout of the evening, the grudge match between Super Art Fight co-founder Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz and webcomics artist extraordinaire Lar deSouza tackles the canvas. Spinning out of our Connecticon show, this match got personal fast, with call outs all over various social networks, including photoshops on Flickr and flat out trashtalk on Twitter.  All the talk won’t mean anything at the end of this 30 minute war, as there can only be ONE victor.

10:40pm – Karmella’s Game rocks the Metro Gallery for their second and final set of the night.

11:20pm – After two fantastic examples of artistic combat, we move to a battle of sportsmanship for the Super Art Fight Championship.  With a 45 minute time-limit, it pits the newly crowned champion, the artistic supernova Michael Bracco against the man who, without whom, there would be no Art Fight – the founder of the “Iron Artist” competition and inventor of the Wheel of Death – Chris Impink.  These two gentleman don’t have a grudge, but both want to taste the flavor of sweet victory.  For Bracco, to be the first successfully defending champion will put his name in the record books.  For Impink, a chance to show his win at Super Art Fight 4 wasn’t a fluke, and to take home the gold.

All and all, the show will be over shortly after midnight, and we intend to give you a quality show worth every penny.  You, the fans, fuel us, allowing us to do what we do so well, and we’re going to give back a great show as good as the hype you allow us to build.

Super Art Fight 5. Tonight. 8pm. The Metro Gallery. Just $10.

Join us, won’t you?

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