Super Art Fight 6 Updates & Additions!


Greetings, Super Art Fight fans!

It’s been a long and busy few weeks as we not only prepare to celebrate the holidays, but also to get the final preparations for Super Art Fight 6 underway.

As you may’ve noticed,  we’ve been unusually quiet these past few weeks, but it’s all been with a reason, as we attempt to put together the best show we’ve ever had.

If you recall from our original SAF6 announcement, we were attempting to do a show with no bands. Just pure Super Art Fight action.  Sounded like a great plan.  But then we were blindsided.  Knocked on our asses by a band so awesome, so unique, we knew we had to have them.

So it’s an honor and a pleasure to announce, that on Saturday Night, January 23rd, we’ll be bringing you a musical act unlike any other to make for an evening the likes of which Baltimore has never seen…

Our musical guest for the evening – Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad.

As you can see from the photo above, they already fit in with the Super Art Fight aesthetic, and if you head to their website and/or MySpace, you’ll find that they have the musical chops to go along with it.

Also, in addition – just announced by the fine folks at The Ottobar – Super Art Fight 6 tickets go on sale TODAY! at  So if you’re planning on joining us on January 23rd, get your tickets starting today, so you aren’t left out in the cold.

Whatever you do, be sure to join us after the holidays, for some stellar artist announcements, along with the full final card for Super Art Fight 6!

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