SAF6: Generational Warfare As Rookie Meets Master!

This past July at Super Art Fight 4, we began our new talent initiative with the first ever Do Or Die Battle Royale.  Six artistic talents, all brand new to the Super Art Fight stage battled to get a coveted slot on the Super Art Fight roster.

In a twist to our normal victory selection process, the victor was chosen not by the audience, but instead a jury of their peers – the existing Super Art Fight roster themselves.

As the dust settled, one Art Fighter to Be’s hand was raised in victory – that of Kelsey Wailes.

At Super Art Fight 5, Kelsey was thrown from the proverbial frying pan directly into the fire, as she was placed in a tag match alongside Bryan Prindiville against veteran SAF roster member Jamie Baldwin and the talented creator of Girls With Slingshots, Danielle Corsetto.

Kelsey’s team was unfortunately on the losing side of the equation, but she showed the same level of spark and art fighting ability which allowed her access into the roster in the first place.

Internally, expectations for Kelsey were high – she truly could be one of the next greats – but how can we get her to the next level?

The idea was simple – continue to put Kelsey through the Super Art Fight paces, as she has to face another Super Art Fight veteran one on one!

And it doesn’t really get any bigger than this.

Kelsey won’t just be facing a veteran SAF roster member – she’ll be facing one of the men who invented the whole thing in the first place!

On Saturday, January 23rd live at the Ottobar in Baltimore at Super Art Fight 6…it’s a Veteran vs. Rookie Battle as we proudly present…

Kelsey Wailes vs. Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

Be excited as Jami is. Get hyped for January 23rd, get your tickets today, and leave your thoughts here in the comments or on our brand new fan forum!

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