SAF6: 4-Way Battle Royale Makes For Match #4!

At each Super Art Fight, we work as hard as we can to better each show that came before it.

And in this, our first show to feature four bouts, we had to make each one count.

We have a Generation War…a Battle for #1 Contendership…and our main event for the title.

What can we do to make the fourth match stand out?

At Super Art Fight 6, we proudly present the return of the ever exciting, always crazy BATTLE ROYALE!

This time, filled with four competitors, not only will this match be a showcase of stellar talent, but it could easily be the match of the night.

Let’s run down the four artists you’ll be seeing in this Battle Royale…

Chris “Impact” Impink: Fresh off of challenging for the Super Art Fight title back at Super Art Fight 5, Impink is ready to begin his road to the title anew, as he starts fresh, and works his way to the top from the bottom. Having finished the stellar comic Fragile Gravity, Impink debuts his new comic, the roller girl based Sledgebunny on January 11th.  You have to wonder – has studying the fighting spirit of the roller girls instilled some fight in Impink?  The other 3 competitors beware – Chris is ready to be at the top of the mountain again, and will do anything to be there!

Bryan Prindiville: Despite being in two losing efforts in his first two appearances in a Super Art Fight proper, Prindiville has built quite the following amongst the Art Fight fans, and it was this following which lead the SAF Championship Committee to bump him up to full-time roster member.  This artist of Hello With Cheese is fast becoming notable for his “silent but violent” tendencies, and may just stealthy make his way into the Winners Circle on January 23rd!

Joe Dunn: After a stellar first Art Fight against Yuko Ota at Connecticon 2009, the SAF Championship Committee wanted to get a hold of this NYC native and put him on a Super Art Fight event as soon as possible.  The date – January 23rd, the place – The Ottobar, the show – Super Art Fight 6.  And on this night, Dunn promises to outlast his 3 opponents.  Joe may love crappy movies, as his comic title indicates, but on a sure to be chilly night in January, Dunn will love one thing more – the sweet taste of victory.

Chelsea Grose: Last, but far from least, comes the debut of Chelsea Grose.  While she’s yet to tackle the canvas in an Art Fight prior, this talented artist not only has the skills when it comes to the pen and paper, but also on the field – as a Charm City Roller Girl!  Her inexperience may hinder her against 3 opponents, but on the 23rd in Charm City, Chesea promises to show us all why they call her “Grose Misconduct”!

4 amazing competitors. 2 Super Art Fight Debuts. Only 1 winner.

Join us at the Ottobar on January 23rd at Super Art Fight 6 when the victor is decided!  Get your tickets today!

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