All Around Baltimore – SAF6 Is The Word!

With literally one day to go until Super Art Fight 6 hits the stage, word is fast getting around different sources about our awesome little show.

This past Wednesday, the City Paper mentioned our show in their Weekly “Short List” column – we’re actually the first thing mentioned for Saturday night!

If that wasn’t awesome enough – our old friends at B made not one, but TWO mentions of us!

The first was in Thursday’s ArtsPage….

Not sure how Jamie will feel about that Hillary Clinton comment…

And the second was in Today’s Weekend Calendar, seen above!

If that wasn’t enough, we also received mentions from Charm City Reverie and the fine folks at ComixTalk!

We cannot thank these fine folks for featuring our show, and if you’ve found us thanks to them – let us know!

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  1. Kara says:

    You guys are faymoose!

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