SAF 6: The Music!

As requested by a few folks, people wanted to know the songs used as intro/entrance themes throughout the course of Saturday night’s show.

Always willing to oblige our friends and fans, here you are.

Super Art Fight 6 Opening: “Let There Be Horns” by RJD2

Bryan Prindiville: “Civilized” by Rollins Band

Chris “Impact” Impink: “Invader Zim Ending Theme” by Mark Tortorici

Chelsea Grose: “Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta

Joe Dunn: “Sunshine, Lollypops and Rainbows” by Leslie Gore

Kelsey Wailes: “Raw Raw Fight The Power” from Gurren Lagann

Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi: “Kamen Rider” by Animetal

Garth Graham: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz: “The Serpentine Offering” by Dimmu Borgir

Jamie Baldwin: “Beat It (Cover)” by Pomplamoose

Michael Bracco: “You’re the Best” by Joe Esposito

We at Super Art Fight, LLC do not promote illegally downloading these songs.

But they’re pretty bad ass, so we don’t entirely blame you if you do.

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