The big event we alluded to earlier in the month can finally be revealed.

We at Super Art Fight are proud to announce our first show in a brand new market, as we make our Boston-area debut at ROFLCon II, Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st at MIT.

Simply put, ROFLCon is the collection of the greatest things across the internet, and it’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be a part of the proceedings.

While the full details are still under wraps for our event that weekend, we CAN share that this star studded event will feature new talents NEVER seen at a Super Art Fight event before, alongside SAF veterans, for a show that will rock Beantown to it’s very core.

The SAF event is scheduled for Saturday, but we will be in attendance all weekend long with the first glimpse of our brand new MERCH line.

More details including bouts and a full talent list to come, but we can confirm the following SAF veterans for attendance that weekend:

  • Super Art Fight Champion Jamie Baldwin
  • Super Art Fight Co-Founder Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • Iron Artist Creator Chris “Impact” Impink

Stay tuned for additional details, but in the meantime, get to ROFLCon’s website and register, they’re down to the last SEVENTY FIVE passes! Don’t get left out of the awesome!

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