SAF7: WHEEL OF DEATH Suggestion Post!

Photo Courtesy Flickr User "AKA Dilweed"

One of the key components for ANY Super Art Fight show, the Wheel of Death controls the turn and tide of every battle.

Taking each artist and making them add new topics every five minutes rapidly changes the landscape of each bout – and YOU, the fans get to pick every twist and turn.

That’s right! It’s that time again, as we ask you to suggest new topics for the Wheel of Death for Super Art Fight 7!

As always, go nuts, but please try to keep your ideas concise.  “Robocop riding a banana”? Awesome. “Clown Version of Robocop riding a flaming banana on top of an ice cream cone made to look like a robot President Obama”? Yeah, that’s a little much. Brevity is the key to wit, and the key to making a great Wheel of Death topic.

The topic post is open from NOW until 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 14th.

Give us your best topics, and be sure to come see whether they make the wheel LIVE on Saturday, July 17th as we present Super Art Fight 7 – a FREE event during Artscape 2010!

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61 Responses to SAF7: WHEEL OF DEATH Suggestion Post!

  1. Seanko says:

    Chicken bone in the arse!!!!

  2. Seanko says:

    Scum bucket shots

  3. Seanko says:

    Dirty banana hammock

  4. Richard says:

    Kaiju mini battles

  5. jerry andersen says:

    I just want some carebear cage fighting!!!

  6. Bobbi says:

    Your Mom Vs. That’s what she said!

  7. Scott M. says:

    Ghost wizard casting a shark missile attack
    An epic gentlemen riding a gentlemen bear
    The results of a FALCON PUNCH hitting a SHORYUKEN!
    A giant squid who can only say quotes from Anchor Man
    A whale with a machete
    Andrew Jackson fighting zombie Ben Franklin
    Dracula kick-flipping a bus
    A depressed soda can
    Scrooge McDuck making it rain
    Batman enjoying a Bat-Waffle

  8. Eric Badger says:

    If it hasn’t already gone up I feel Puppy Cow deserves his own topic.

  9. mildred says:

    puppycow vs. pigcat

  10. James Woods says:

    Raptors. So many raptors…

  11. James Woods says:

    Also, James Woods.

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