It Was An INTERVENTION, And It Was Glorious

3 amazing bouts, 2 amazing shows and 1 new event, the first ever Intervention proved to be an interesting one for both fans and our artists, and will be ranked as one of the most memorable events of the year!

First, at 6pm on Saturday was the main Super Art Fight event. Featuring 3 bouts, the results were as follows…

  1. H. Caldwell Tanner defeated Bree Rubin, Ami Bogin and Alex Heberling in a “Do or Die” Battle Royale.
    In an amazing art fight pitting Rock v. Paper v. Scissors v. Hippos, Caldwell Tanner proved himself the top artist in an evenly matched bout full of amazing rookie talent! Don’t be surprised to see all four competitors in the results of art fights to come!
  2. TAG TEAM WAR: Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi & Chris “Impact” Impink defeated Kelsey Wailes & Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville
    Wild was the name of the game here, with both teams taking full advantage of the tag rules, resulting in innovative art and a relentless pace. Prindiville & Wailes may have revived their SAF5 team, but unfortunately for them the battle ended the same way, on the losing end. In particular, this was a pro-Impink crowd. Thanks to Jami for making the rush from SPX to make it for this bout.
  3. MAIN EVENT: Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz defeated Dirk Tiede.
    With his rematch against Jamie Baldwin in his sights, Borkowicz refused to let up with an easy opponent, and Tiede certainly took Borkowicz to the limit in this one. Unfortunately for Tiede, he was going against one of the true SAF greats, and Borkowicz took the win in the end.

What came at 10pm, however, was something people will not be forgetting for some time – Super Art Fight: UNLEASHED.

Equal parts panel and artistic demonstration, this allowed the roster and staff of Super Art Fight to share the uncensored stories from behind the scenes, while our artists created some of the most disturbing imagery ever rendered to foam-core.  All details of the evening will remain with those who attended, but based on the positive reaction, we’re going to try to do future events like this at cons moving forward. Stay tuned for that!

Big thanks again to Onezumi and Harknell for having us, and huge props to all the artists and attendees who made the first ever Intervention a great success! See you all at Intervention 2!

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