With four amazing bouts coming up on October 15th at The Ottobar for Super Art Fight 8, we need to set the bar high, and deliver some awesome topics.

That means, once again, it’s time to FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

You, the fans, get to suggest the most outlandish and fantastical topics for our artists to add to the canvas.

Will your topic of “Fish Tank” be an aquarium? Or a military tank, piloted by a fish?  The sky is the limit!

Please try to keep your topics to a minimal length – “Robot Obama”? Awesome. “Robot Obama riding a rollercoaster while high-fiving Jesus who is on top of a triceratops which is on fire”? While a great mental image, that’s REALLY lengthy, and doesn’t give the artist much reign.

So with that, go forth, add topics, and we’ll see what hits the screens at SAF8!

Topic Suggestions will be closed at 12:01am EST,  Tuesday, October 12th. (Late Monday Night/Early AM)

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32 Responses to SAF8: FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. Randi says:

    Pokemon Rejects

  2. greg says:

    Systemics vs Stickmen
    Billy Corgan riding a goat
    A Hurricane
    Africa vs Australia
    Narwhal vs Unicorn
    Disney’s Fantasia
    Food truck wars
    The Zerg
    The Borg vs Bjorn Borg
    SAF flowchart for success
    MC Frontalot vs MC Chris
    Vanilla Ice vs Vanilla Coke

  3. greg says:

    coming up for ideas for SAF may honestly be my favorite part

  4. Max says:

    Puppy Cow!
    Rocket chainsaw
    Muppet Burlesque
    Lego Leprosy

  5. kevin says:

    things marty needs for his new apartment
    social networking
    harry potter as an adult
    what mike and the mechanics are doing these days
    a map of the internet
    70’s hairstyles
    a Power Ranger runs for President

  6. greg says:

    DJ Sheephead vs an actual Sheep’s Head
    Steampunk Taj Mahal
    Calvin & Hobbes
    Barney murdered by a lumberjack
    The Super Mario Cast
    Siamese Twins vs Siamese Cats

  7. Grim says:

    Panters peanut Rambo
    rocket perpeled chainsaws

  8. Max says:

    Puppy Cow!
    Rocket Chainsaw
    Muppet Burlesque
    Lego Leprosy
    Twilight vs. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    Reagan SMASH

  9. Rob says:


  10. Kimba says:

    Manziers: Bras for Men
    Food Fight!
    Gothic My Little Pony
    Mustache Mania

  11. Kara says:

    Super Slash Fight!
    Cannibalistic Sofas
    The Seven Deadly Dwarfs
    Doctor Pooh
    Penguin Battle Royale
    Shotgun Wedding

  12. Brandon says:

    Impink’s sacred markers
    Marty as DJ Lance Rock
    Rejected Thundercats
    Dr. Emmett Brown
    Abe Vigoda
    SAF Crew saves Christmas
    Holy Shit Dinosaurs!
    Zombie Pirate Monkeys
    John Hamm puns
    Snoop Dogg with a lightsaber

  13. Sam says:

    Batman at the Zoo

  14. kelsey says:

    puppycow at age 90
    king leonidas in a duck costume
    kamina the drag queen
    rejected gundams
    moose hipsters
    sumo wrestler making an omelet
    that’s not yogurt
    that’s what she said
    randy newman on crack
    bumpkin pokemon

  15. DrOwl says:

    Kitch Windows
    smiley ears
    dogs teeth
    milk from toes
    fish dance
    make a hole lot of shallots
    10 tuns from flax

  16. Kara says:

    (For the record, someone’s done ‘rejected Gundams.’ It’s called ‘G Gundam.’ Okay, I was never here. :3 )

  17. Grig Larson says:

    Dangerous Versions of Children’s Toys
    Your Rival Artist as a Unwanted Trading Card
    Ninjas with Normally Non-Deadly Kitchen Utensils
    Stressed Out Monkeys with Boring Desk Jobs
    Nickelodeon Does Quadrophenia
    Goth Versions of Teletubbies
    Rocko’s Modern Life vs. Rocky VI
    Tech Support vs. Athletic Supporters
    Dora the Destroyer vs. Go, Diego Racer, GO!!!
    The Bad News Care Bears
    Hire the Handicapped
    Rejected Catholic Saints
    Turanga Leela from Futurama vs. Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World
    Incorporate your favorite one-liner from “Airplane” or “Airplane II”

  18. Grig Larson says:

    Glen Beck doing Fox News vs. Beck doing “Loser” vs. Jimi Hendrix Doing “Foxy Lady”
    That Wasn’t Chicken You Just Ate
    Explain What the Other Artist is Drawing Using Venn Diagrams
    Hope Floats
    Uses for Old TV Sets After Civilization Collapses

  19. Brian says:

    Reading Rambo
    The REAL reason Michael Bracco hates Hellboy II
    Mumus vs. Moo-Moos : The Final Battle
    Rejected i-Products
    Captain America vs. Captain Mexico

  20. Nick says:

    I would just like to point out that the Micchael Bracco comment did not come from me.

  21. Jam Master Blaster says:

    Vegan Frankenstein
    Hipster Cats
    Darth Vader Mini Van
    Birthday Party Bossk
    Mario Bros on Ice
    Treasure Troll 2
    Garbage Pail Kids
    Swiss Army Trapjaw
    Chewbacca Jheri Curl
    The Pale Beastman
    Sci-Fi an audience member
    Guillermo Del Toro’s Superman
    Scott Pilgrim VS the WWF
    Zombie Weapons
    What Would M.Night Shyamalan Do?
    Mayor McCheese
    Inception of Oz

  22. Jam Master Blaster says:

    Sad Keanu

  23. Jam Master Blaster says:

    Wayne and Garth VS Bill and Ted

  24. TJ says:

    Stevie Spoonhands

  25. Grig Larson says:

    Lord of the Ringworm
    Klingons with Strap-ons
    A 1985 Chevy Chevette
    Anne Rice vs. Fried Rice
    Made-up Jewish Holidays
    Earthworm James T. Kirk
    Tron Legacy vs. Orgasmatron
    Pancakes vs. Waffles
    Naked Transvestites
    LOL Catwoman
    Death vs. Santa Claus
    Untelevised Bamboo and Coconut Inventions on Gilligan’s Island
    Roller Derby
    The Ramones by Beverly Cleary
    Sad-eyed Orphans, Hobos, and Puppies Found on Velvet Paintings

  26. Allison Hill says:

    Bear Calvary

  27. lion the tiger says:

    Animals that aren’t.

  28. James Hatton says:

    I feel that Max is after my own heart with

    Here are some for ya:

  29. Apreche says:

    MC Frontalot’s former hairdo
    Nerdcore Halloween
    1990s Cornucopia
    Football vs. Tron
    Spider-Man vs. Cookie Monster
    Bathtub filled with…

  30. jill says:

    wheelchair puppies, poopa/fupa, mecca sheba, H.E.L.P.E.R. as a phone, failed soft drinks, nut shots, evil ex`s, obese super heros, blue crab zombies, toilets from hell, sexual harasment panda

  31. Tyler says:

    Karate Kid Learns Shaq Fu
    Blue Crab-zilla
    Stephen Col-honeybear
    On A Boat
    Your Opponent as a Clown
    Your Opponent as a Girl Scout
    Scott Pilgrim Vs. Your Opponent

  32. greg says:

    3D Stickmen
    Reservoir Dogs Dogs
    Notre Dame Cathedral
    The Holy Handgrenade of Antioch
    It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
    Bunnies riding Shai’Hulud
    The Far Side
    Charlie Brown minus Charlie Brown
    Tilting at Windmills
    Zuckerberg vs Iceberg

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