Here at Super Art Fight, we feel that it is our duty to bring only the best artists to the canvas, and constantly rotate new artists into the mix to deliver creative clashes on our massive canvas.

To that regard, Super Art Fight 8 will feature the debut of a new talent!  That man? Josh Taylor!

Discovered by our scouts while doing a promotional art event for Scion, we think with one view of his website, you’ll see why we added him to the mix. But why don’t we let his profile from Current.TV show you what he’s all about?

As you can see, Josh is a world class talent, and he’s someone who we can’t wait to see tackle the canvas at The Ottobar on October 15th.

But we’re going make sure he hits the ground running, as his opponent is one who knows more about the art of art fighting than anyone else…a co-creator of Super Art FightJami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi!

That’s right, it’s rookie versus all-star as it will be…

Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi versus Josh Taylor!

Be sure to get your tickets now – you never know who the next break out star will be at Super Art Fight, and you’ll want to be there for when it happens! Tickets are available NOW at!

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