SAF8 RESULTS: Baldwin Retains In Our Wild Return To The Ottobar!

Heading into Super Art Fight 8, we all knew the night was going to be something special, but I don’t think anyone expected what went down.

In an evening that saw not one, but two amazing performances from MC Frontalot, and a just as amazing performance from Fifth Wheel and the Double Dates, you had arguably the greatest run of art fights ever seen on one card – and top to bottom upsets on every bout across the card.

Bout #1: Rookie vs. All-Star – “Blackboard” Match
The debuting JOSH TAYLOR (1-0) defeated JAMI “ANGRY ZEN MASTER” NOGUCHI (1-5)

You can say many things about Josh Taylor, but you can’t say he didn’t have a massive test before him in Jami Noguchi. Noguchi, a co-founder of Super Art Fight, the first ever SAF Champion, and one of the true legends in the art fight stage, threw the rookie right in the deep end. Noguchi was not only Taylor’s first opponent, but presented him with a first time ever “blackboard” match, where random panels on the SAF rig were replaced with black foamcore, to be drawn on with white paint pens.  Taylor certainly took it in stride, showing Noguchi, the Wheel of Death and even the fans how little respect he had for them, playing this bout by his own rules, even rejecting his own Wheel of Death topics!  This confidence really must’ve won the audience over, as he gained a HUGE victory in his first night.

Bout #2: Grudge Match
(1-3) defeated CHRIS “IMPACT” IMPINK (2-5)

The war from Intervention 2010 continued at the Ottobar as these two fierce competitors battled in a first-time one-on-one bout. Impink certainly had a section of the fans behind him, but fighting a fever and a 0-3 record, Bryan Prindville won over the audience with a gutsy performance, finally giving him his first ever SAF victory!

Bout #3: Winner Gets SAF Title Shot at SUPER ART FIGHT 9

Before losing his SAF title in January 2010 at SAF6, Michael Bracco was becoming known as the Art Fight “Supernova”, coming off of his debut loss to rack up a series of victories the likes of which haven’t been seen since. However, debuting on that same card was the Charm City Roller Girls own Chelsea Grose, who had put together an impressive undefeated streak, taking out many of the best talent Super Art Fight has ever featured. A new supernova in the making? That theory was put to the test.  Despite a huge audience advantage, Grose was taken to the limit by the crafty veteran Michael Bracco, and at the end of the 25 minute time period, the former SAF Champion’s hand was raised in victory.  Sure, he didn’t win the Fans Choice main event voting – but he did earn the victory when it counted, on the canvas. Michael Bracco is headed to Super Art Fight 9, and he’s aiming to regain what he lost one year before – the Super Art Fight Championship.

Bout #4: Super Art Fight Championship Bout
(5-2) successfully defended the Super Art Fight Championship for the second time, defeating NICK “GHOSTFREEHOOD” BORKOWICZ (2-6)

Once again, the SAF Championship Scene was marred by controversy.  After a too-close-to-call victory at Super Art Fight 7, Jamie Baldwin once again found herself facing Nick Borkowicz.  Following a series of theatrical intros that got the fans excited for the big main event of the evening, one of the hardest fought battles in Super Art Fight history took to the canvas, and even after her hand was raised in victory by official “Action” Jackson Gill, many fans and even the Super Art Fight locker room is wondering – was it the right call?  Different fans in different positions throughout the building have voiced their opinion on the level of each competitors cheer, but the fact is, the call was made, and the call stands – Jamie Baldwin remains your SAF champion, and now has the record for most successful defenses.  As for Borkowicz? We were unable to get word with him post bout for our traditional after-match interviews, and no one knows where his head is at this time.  But as for Baldwin? At Super Art Fight 9, one year after becoming champion, she once again faces the man who she beat for the championship.  Will history repeat itself? We shall see.

Where do we go from here?

  • As mentioned above, the Super Art Fight 9 main event has been signed in a rematch from Super Art Fight 6, it’ll be Jamie Baldwin defending against Michael Bracco.
  • The traditional post match interviews will be coming online later this week. Stay tuned to this site, and our YouTube page for these videos.
  • The SAF Championship Committee has continued to try to get a hold of Nick Borkowicz after the main event, and are eagerly awaiting a return phone call or e-mail.
  • Debuting Art Fighter Josh Taylor has been offered a recurring role on the Super Art Fight roster.
  • The SAF Championship Committee is looking into adding an additional title in 2011. What will it be? Only time will tell.
  • Additionally, a second, troubleshooting official is looking into being added for future events to provide ease of judgement.

Last, but far from least, a personal note.  This past Friday evening, an amazing 220+ fans jam-packed the Ottobar, making for the largest event we’ve ever promoted independently.  We thank you all so much for coming out for Super Art Fight 8, and hope you will join us again for Super Art Fight 9.

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  1. James Hatton says:

    Congrats to the victors. Sucks donuts to the losers.

    Sad I missed the show, but look forward to hopefully making my way out to the next big event.

    Jimmy Hat

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