SAF9: Baldwin Vs. Bracco – ONE MORE TIME

For Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco, one thing keeps him up at night.

He’s a very successful artist, having created a number of popular graphic novels and designed an amazing clothing line.  He has the best record of everyone in the Super Art Fight roster. He’s even reached the top of the mountain, having been Super Art Fight Champion before.  He is arguably one of the most elite talents in this field.  However, one competitor keeps haunting him.

That competitor? Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin.

For Jamie Baldwin and Michael Bracco, the rivalry extends all the way back to our second event, on September 20th, 2008. In the first bout presented at the first “true” Super Art Fight live event, Jamie Baldwin defeated Michael Bracco. The first official victory in SAF recorded history.

Bracco then went on to a thus far unmatched four bout winning streak, ultimately becoming Super Art Fight champion at Super Art Fight 4 in July 2009.  Bracco continued his winning ways, then when the calendar switched over to 2010, he once again found himself across the canvas from Jamie Baldwin.

Baldwin had fluctuated up and down the SAF rankings, but after putting together a series of impressive wins, she was suddenly the #1 contender.  Having been the only person to date to take down Michael Bracco, the odds seemed stacked against her…but as the timer struck zero, Jamie Baldwin found herself a victor.  On January 23, 2010, Jamie Baldwin became the 4th Super Art Fight Champion, and the first female to hold the title.

But here we are, almost one year exactly to date, and Michael Bracco is the number one contender. And Jamie Baldwin holds the belt.

For Jamie Baldwin, it’s an opportunity to take her reign into it’s second year, having already set the record for most successful defenses as Super Art Fight champion.

But for Michael Bracco, it’s less about becoming champion. It’s more about finally being able to sleep again.

At Super Art Fight 9, January 21, 2011, only one will walk out as champion.  Be there to see who wins.

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