SAF9: Results & Fallout From Our Greatest Show Yet!

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At Super Art Fight, we make it all about the fan’s voice.  And the fan’s voice has never quite been as heard as loud as it was at Super Art Fight 9, this past Friday night, January 21st at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nearly 450 of you packed the Ottobar to the rafters, causing a line around the block and a spectacle never seen at an art fight prior. With performances by both the amazing video game rockers Rare Candy and the sublime Japanese punk rockers Peelander-Z, it was an amazing night, culminating in the crowning of a new Super Art Fight Champion – Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco.

As always, all bouts were commentated and hosted by Ross Nover and Marty Day, with music provided by DJ Sheephead, and officiating was handled by “The Dork Knight” Michael George. (Normal SAF referee “Action” Jackson Gill was unavailable for the evening, and will return on future cards, alternating the role with George.)

The Results of the evening…

BOUT #1 – ROOKIE BATTLE: Brandon J. Carr defeated Caldwell Tanner in a Werewolves vs. Unicorns Battle.
While Caldwell Tanner may’ve arrived at the Ottobar the better known of the two artists, the battle divided the audience right down the middle. Showing that they learned well during their appearances over the SAF Fall 2010 tour, these relative newbies took the art all over the canvas, and in a memorable moment, onto Caldwell’s chest.  Given that the difference was one of literally a single decibel point, it’s easy to say that either man could have won, and it will not be the last you see of either gentleman in SAF competition.

BOUT #2 – TAG BATTLE: Team Robozilla (Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz & Kelsey Wailes) defeated Team Sharktopus (Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi & Chris Impink, replacing the ailing Chelsea Grose) in a Future vs. Past Battle
The tag battles were added to SAF cards proper due to their memorable moments on our traveling cards, and absolutely delivered in spades. Team Sharktopus hit the stage first, Noguchi wearing a homemade sharktopus costume, but their choice of entrance was topped quickly, as Team Robozilla lived up to their name, with Borkowicz and Wailes making their way to the canvas dressed as Robocop and Mecha Godzilla respectively. A battle of four amazing art fight vets, this was an amazing showdown between four talents at their peak, and at the end, Team Robozilla received the first official tag victory in SAF history.

BOUT #3 – #1 Contender’s Bout: Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville defeated Josh Taylor via forfeit to win a title shot at SAFX in an Insects vs. Reptiles Battle.
You want controversy? This bout delivered it in spades. The mind games began early as Prindiville made his way to the stage dressed as Josh Taylor, but the self described “Most Hated Man In Art Fight” lived up to his title, as Josh Taylor refused to heed the call of the Wheel of Death, refused to draw (leading to angry chants from the audience) and even refused to finish the bout.  No matter the circumstances, however, Bryan Prindiville now has a shot at the top of the mountain. Will he answer the call? We’ll find out at our 10th major event – SAFX.

BOUT #4 – MAIN EVENT: Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco defeated SAF Champion Jamie “Brawlin” Baldwin in a Heaven vs. Hell Battle to become the first ever TWO-TIME SAF CHAMPION!
One year ago, Bracco and Baldwin headlined Super Art Fight 6, Baldwin gaining the SAF title. One year later, they clashed again in an art fight for the ages.  After the controversy of the prior bout, the battle seen was just what the doctor ordered, providing amazing art, stellar competition, and more importantly, sportsmanship and respect.  Much like Bout #1, the decision came down to the difference of a single decibel, but Michael Bracco now leads the pack into 2011 as our new Super Art Fight Champion.

Where do we go from here?

  • Michael Bracco is now set to defend his SAF Championship against Bryan Prindiville at SAFX, tentatively scheduled for sometime in April 2011.
  • Suffice to say, Josh Taylor is in a bit of hot water with the SAF Championship Committee based on his actions, and it will be interesting to see how, if at all, he will be punished.
  • Based on crowd reaction, I believe it is safe to assume that our new Tag Division was a resounding success, and will be a part of future events moving forward.
  • Super Art Fight moves on to Katsucon 17 in February, and then an appearance at the Cultural Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland in March. More details to come.
  • Later this week comes our patented POST MATCH INTERVIEWS! Look for them here and on our YouTube channel!
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