If you’re new to Super Art Fight, or a longtime fan, you should know that the Wheel of Death controls all.

Guiding the hands of our victors, and leading our losers to defeat, the Wheel of Death is a tough but fair element of all art fights, and as we embark on our Spring Tour, we need YOU, THE FANS to feed it with AWESOME topics for our next few shows.

All topics suggested here will be added to the pot for the following shows….

  • Friday, March 18th – Red Palace, Washington DC
  • Friday, March 25th – Cultural Arts Center, Frederick, MD
  • Friday, April 22ndSUPER ART FIGHT X – The Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

As usual, the key to great topic suggestions is brevity.

In addition to leaving your suggestions here in the post, we also recommend sending them via Twitter!

Of course, we’re on Twitter @SuperArtFight, but we’re gonna ask you use the hashtag #wheelofdeath for all of your topic suggestions!

Since this list will work for three shows, we’re going to keep the list up through Monday, April 18th. Get to addin’ topics!

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  1. jillzore says:

    hotdog dance, zombie muppets, annoying puppies, odd toilet finds, winning, jazzercise monkeys, nut shots, nipples of doom, ass hats, doppelganger

  2. Steve says:

    Panda Rape
    Jesus is a Raisin
    Fucking Around In The Attic
    Ninjas Hijacked My Mother
    Old Old Old Old Old Old Old Scotch… WHISKEY!
    Power Rangers vs. Snidley Whiplash
    Koopa State Troopers
    Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge.
    Darth Nader
    Ms. Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Candlestick
    Make Like a Tree…
    Take Your Canvas Bags to the Super Market
    Dante’s Infernape
    The Flux Capacitor
    Marty McSuperfly
    Kool Aid Man Meets Corrugated Steel Wall
    Killer Tofu
    Petrificus Totalus
    The Brave Little Toaster Visits Narnia
    French Tickler
    Molotov Shrimp Cocktail
    A Fair Game of Chance
    That Mysterious Ticking Sound
    A Cornucopia of Love
    The Fucking Weather
    The Regular Weather
    Chewbacca’s First Date
    Orange Juice Casserole
    The Higgs Boson
    Knees Flexin’, Arms T-Rexin’
    A Shrubbery, One That Looks Nice, and Isn’t Too Expensive
    A Hovercraft, Full of Eels
    Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist
    Montezuma’s Revenge
    String Cheese Theory
    Dental Hygiene
    The Penis Soliloquies
    Thinking of Jew
    LOL New Jersey
    Who Shot J.R.?
    They Creepin’ In Ya Windows, They Snatchin’ Ya People Up
    Down, Forward, Punch
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Stalin
    The Nefarious Prof. Rattigan
    Socrates and David Bowie at the Mall of America
    They Call Me Mr. Pig
    Hipster Hitler
    Jews In Space
    Wil Wheaton
    Over the Rainbow
    Digital Piracy
    The Hammer is My Penis
    Neil Patrick Harrison Ford
    Hippies vs. Hipsters
    Battleready Bayonets
    Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA
    Dr. Acula
    Willy’s Time
    Party On, Garth
    Zombie Trombone
    Don’t Call Me Shirley
    The Aristocrats
    Falcon Punch, With Lemon
    Captain Planet
    Where’s Waldo’s Wedding
    Life’s Not Faire
    Interrupting Giraffe
    Moose and Squirrel
    d/dx: (x^3 + 5x^2 – 4x)^3
    Your Mom

  3. Steve says:


    Hot. American. Dickings.

  4. Jennie says:

    The Second or Third to Worst Contest You’ve Ever Heard Of
    Angry Birds
    Slightly Annoyed Birds
    Assassin’s Creed: The Musical
    Suddenly, The Artists Became Evil!
    Crossdresser with a Crossbow

  5. moeris says:

    So far just two but I feel they are strong.

    Lady Gaga and the Tramp

    Time to Get Ill-uminati

  6. Person says:

    Rebecca Black vs Zombies
    Hipster Pokemon

  7. kw says:

    sadbutt vs. mantrain

    helen skelter and helter keller

    totoro: victim of deforestation

    pancakes? PANCAKES!? PANCAKES!!!!!!!

    your opponent as “Y U NO”

    things found rolled in a katamari

    nick cage as tetsuo from akira


    adorable cacti

    get off my lawn

    baltan seijin!!!

    oh, great odin’s raven!

    things that smell

    your opponent in drag

    OMG, FURRIES!1!!11!

    animals that should never become furries

    thomas kinkade apocalypse

    bill cosby is out of pudding

    raisin people



    kamen pony rider



  8. me says:

    less idiotic pop culture references and more stuff thats fun to draw and interesting to look at.

  9. Mike says:

    fly dogs of war
    cosby bomb
    tomb raiders of the lost ark
    apocalypse puppy cow
    air budweiser
    SAF X-men

  10. Simone Orother says:

    Private Maggot

  11. moeris says:

    Okay here’s one that is both:

    My Hand is a Dolphin

  12. MadCow says:

    Tim Burton’s My Little Pony
    The Rocky Horror Muppet Show
    A Rubix Companion Cube
    A Lorax with an Ax
    Robocop Vs. A Zombie with a Can Opener
    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Wrestling Federation

  13. greg says:

    Diana Ross & the Supreme Court
    Michael Peter Jackson
    Interrobangs vs Ampersands
    Super Burlesque Fight
    A “Clockwork” Orange
    Samurai Jack and the Beanstalk
    Spartacus: Home Decorator
    Integrals vs Derivatives
    Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
    Porky Pig vs the Dodo
    Famous Cartoon Dogs
    Bunny Rollercoaster of Doom
    Ed Norton as Little Bo Peep
    A man in a tree
    The Magic Schoolbus
    Reading Rainbow
    Mt Rushmore
    Whitewashed Akira
    Loud Asians in the Library
    The Scream
    Picasso’s “Don Quixote”
    Venus de Milo
    The Parthenon
    An Entire Panel Colored Black
    A Roy Lichtenstein Picture

  14. kev moore says:

    america’s next top taxidermist
    death squad bake sale
    piece freak
    hog warts
    youth in asia
    super art love-in
    wet noodle duel
    trash truck lot lizard
    cirque du sole, eh?
    michael palin’s alaska
    sarah palin’s flying circus
    delerium walks into a bar
    burl ives-esque
    zombie joan rivers
    acid rain man
    cons this too, son
    the ungiving tree
    8 o’clock shadow
    ur anus is not a planet
    mannequin slam dance
    lite brite club
    dirt nap
    charles manson in charge

  15. kev moore says:

    bee’s knees
    foxy news channel
    rabid monkey milkshake
    pirates of the himalayans
    pee shooter
    ink stain
    peace accordion
    unes et deuxes
    blew flu
    punk pop swindle
    norm mcdonald had a farm
    high times
    salad shooter
    sham wow

  16. Ocean Monkey Potato

  17. Cr4zyW3bChk says:

    Werewolf vs. the Easter Bunny

  18. Aurket says:

    ketchup-apult, project puttept runway, coke-liza

  19. michael says:

    -jelly fish of doom
    -fatties in lingerie
    -geriatric superheros
    -godzilla’s sexy cousin
    -dancing frankenstein
    -dracula at the beach
    -bird bombs

  20. michael says:

    -voldemort feeling pretty
    -manly fairies
    -feminine trolls
    -cardboard robot
    -the transmogrifier
    -you as a pokemon
    -you as a kitchen utensil

  21. kw says:

    macaroni art!
    bean people!
    dinosaur skeletons put together wrong!
    super saiyan eggplants!
    bruce lee vs. christopher lee!

  22. Cecelia says:

    Portal Wombat

  23. Mad Orca says:

    minecraft vs. sharktopus

    Kamen Rider meets kaiju Big battel

    S words

    cellphones turning people into zombies

    an Evil Prius

    Prius killing the world

    Scott Pilgrim vs the Prius

  24. Notoriouslb3 says:

    Buzz Light-Beer
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Goldfish
    Zombie comic artists
    Origami war games
    Fire breathing swan boats
    Things that go “pew-pew”

  25. What if Dr. Manhattan had hair?

    Things to do instead of seeing Sucker Punch

    Nuclear Winter fashions

    The third coming of Christ

    Hipster Babies

    Invisible mimes

    Muppet Fight Club

  26. greg says:

    Blended X-Men characters (i.e. Stormerine, Beastclops, Professor Gambit, etc)
    Droid v. iPhone v. BlackBerry
    Superhero You
    Beavis & Butthead
    Space Shuttles

  27. Me. says:


  28. Derek Larsen says:

    The Exact Opposite Of What The Other Person Is Doing

  29. Mike McCuen says:

    Shaved Wookiee Mud Wrestling
    Pimp My Ride: Stephen Hawking
    Thor: The (Roller Disco) Musical
    Chris Hansen’s Magic Schoolbus Special

  30. Tom S says:

    Wonder Woman versus Cutey Honey
    Green Lantern: The Musical
    Emo everything

  31. Sam says:

    melted ice cream
    Auqaman’s day off
    sock puppets of death
    wizard beards
    Death Metal Monkey
    Hockey Nuns

  32. demonicsoul87 says:

    cactus love
    spatula ninjas
    elephant babies
    argyle socks
    slushie cups of doom
    Jareth the Goblin King vs. the Count of Monte Cristo
    toe socks
    feather boas
    Ponyo meets Ariel
    the demon garbageman of Sesame Street
    Elmo the emo
    Rebecca Black vs. Sirius Black
    Snap Crackle and Pop
    Fullmetal Maid Cafe

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