SAFX: Predictions With Ross & Marty

With less than 24 hours until Super Art Fight X starts live at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, we thought we get some last minute predictions and thoughts on the evenings card.

Read on for words from our dedicated commentary duo, Ross Nover and Marty Day, and feel free to leave your predictions in the comments!

Marty Day: It’s hard to believe Ross, but tomorrow night is Super Art Fight X, our TENTH headlining event at Charm City’s Ottobar. We’re coming off of two back to back sold out shows, and this, the fourth and final show of our Spring tour is sure to be a barnburner.

Ross Nover: That’s right, Marty. This show is the Star Trek 10 to our Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Constantly getting better and giving each of us a chance to direct. Wait—

I can’t believe we’ve made it this far, Marty! From humble beginnings three years ago in the upstairs of the Ottobar while an MC Chris show was happening downstairs to TEN FULL SHOWS there, now featuring MC Lars!

Marty: We sure do love our white rappers, don’t we?

Ross: Who doesn’t? COMMUNISTS. THATS WHO.

I think we’re all in for a treat this time, as all of our artists have really taken it upon themselves to go bigger and badder than ever before. From the little glimpse we’ve seen behind the curtain, we’re all in for a treat.

Marty: Indeed – it’s a SUPER stacked four bout card for Friday night, some key rematches from Super Art Fight’s past but each spiced with something special, raising the stakes across the board.

Ross: I haven’t seen stakes raised this much since Dracula! The Musical!

And the betting that took place on that show.

With meat steaks.

Let’s move on!

Marty: Let’s take a look at the key tag match for the evening – it’s going to be Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin and Caldwell Tanner tagging up to take on the team of Jami Noguchi and a Mystery Partner of his choosing.

Ross: It’s hard to say how this is going to go with a Mystery Partner in the mix, but Caldwell / Baldwin (or Baldwell if you will) has been catching plenty of attention. Baldwin eager to work her way up the tag team charts and Caldwell thirsty for a win, after a close match at SAF9 with Brandon J Carr.

Marty: Caldwell and Baldwin also have a natural chemistry, each artist being immense Pokemon fans. Jami’s partner is definitely the X factor however. He could pull a face out from the history of Super Art Fight, or bring someone new to the table. It’s hard to say who it could be. Only Noguchi knows, and I feel like his choice of partner will definitely impact the result.

Ross: I wonder if it’s Forge. He was part of X-Factor, right?

Marty: You’d think that if he was going for X-Factor though, Jami would get Multiple Man – imagine of the canvas coverage!

Ross: Or Quicksilver. He’d cover the whole thing in record time! Albeit with stick figures, everyone knows that dude sucks at drawing.

So who do you put it to? My money’s on Baldwin/Caldwell. It’s going to be hard for The Gooch to catch up to that pairing.

Marty: Jami Noguchi’s been on too long of a losing streak – knowing that a Tag Title shot at SAFXI is on the line, I think he (and his partner) are going to step it up on the way to tag team gold.

Ross: And best of luck to both teams. What’s the next bout?

Marty: It’s a rematch from our sold-out DC debut, the undefeated rookie Brandon J. Carr battling Super Art Fight vet Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz

Ross: Beards akimbo! The audience is in for a real treat on this one. Both artists have yet to disappoint, and have great records this season coming into the bout.

If the chatter online has been any indication, both are bringing their A-games. And possibly the A-team.

Marty: Each artist has some unique surprises prepared for their opponent, and if their DC bout is any indication, it’s truly going to be one of the better matches of the night.

The question then, Ross, is who will win? Last time, Carr had the hometown advantage, this time, Nick’s in the house he built, Baltimore’s Ottobar.

Ross: Nick is such a showman, and the audience in Baltimore really responds to that. I think if his entrance is anything like SAF9 dressed as ROBOCOP, a win is guaranteed.

Marty: At the same time though, Brandon J. Carr was in that audience – he’s a true student of the Super Art Fight game. He saw how Nick grabs the audience, and I think he’ll have a trick or two up his sleeve. For me, it’s really anyone’s bout.

Ross: Brandon, as we’ve seen, is the nicest guy in showbiz. I don’t think he knows how to get down and dirty and grab the win away from Nick. Nick wants it more than a fat kid secretly wants attention and respect.

Marty: Speaking of attention and respect, let’s move forward to our next big bout of the evening – Chelsea Grose vs. Kelsey Wailes, with the winner getting lined up for an SAF title shot at SAFXI!

Ross: The Chelsea / Kelsey match is going to break bad. And by bad I mean SUPERbad. And by SUPERbad I mean AMAZING.

Marty: And by Amazing you mean IncredAmazeBalls.

Ross: HolyIncredAmazeBallsCrap, yes.

Marty: We last saw Chelsea and Kelsey battle it out at Super Art Fight 7, but on Friday night, each competitor comes to fight with a bit more seasoning under their belts.

Kelsey took down current Champion Michael Bracco at our Katsucon show, and Chelsea, since feeling defeat, has again put together a streak of wins, including a defeat of our own Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi.

Ross: Chelsea and Kelsey are both pretty unstoppable forces. They’ve picked up momentum. I think this one is going to be too close to call. Vegas should be taking even bets on this one.

Marty: What makes the bout most interesting to me however, is the possible future ramifications – Kelsey’s already qualified for a TAG title shot at SAFXI, could she perhaps become a DOUBLE champion?

Ross: It’s possible. She could go double champion. All the way.

Marty: But what does it mean, Ross?

Ross: It means it’ll be something to see, Marty.

Marty: And Ross, that brings us to the biggest match of the night. The one for all the marbles. Three months in the making. Mano y Mano, for the SUPER ART FIGHT Championship, Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco defends against Bryan “Silent But Violent Prindiville!

Ross: Bracco had been thirsty for the belt and just won it back after a year away, and already is going up against a mighty foe.

Prindiville has been sneaking his way up the ranks for a while
but can he be a champion?

Marty: Each man has had the unique opportunity to weaken each other over our Spring 2011 tour, but come tomorrow night, only one man will be champion, and I feel like it’s finally Prindiville’s time.

Ross: I don’t know, Marty.
Bracco is quite the showman. Bryan is a strong art fighter but I don’t know if he has what it takes to take over the belt. Whether it’s vocals or something more, I think Silent But Violent is going to be shut up.

Marty: No matter who wins, the fact is, this could be a true SAF classic, and it’s going to be an honor and a pleasure to call every single moment.

Ross: That it is, Marty. I’m looking forward to all the action on tomorrow as we see all our competitors take to the canvas!

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