FREDERICK AREA PEEPS! Wanna Spread The Word?

So, for nearly every single show, people have IMed, emailed, Tweeted or otherwise contacted us asking HEY! CAN I FLYER FOR YOU?

And we’re always very very flattered. But we normally don’t take you up on it. No, we don’t know why either.


Saturday, October 8th, we will be returning to Frederick, MD – and since so many of you said you want to flyer for us, the flyer at the top is print ready (designed for an 8.5×11 page) so you can run to your local Kinkos, print out some copies on your printer, spread it on Facebook, whatever you like!  Take the Super Art Fight love to the people! Spread the word!

Just remember to click the image above to get a full-resolution version of the flyer.  Thanks in advance, you beautiful people!

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