SUPER ART FEST UPDATE: SAF IDOL 2012 Brackets Revealed!

Super Art Fest, set to run from Noon to Midnight on Saturday, May 19th, benefitting the Ulman Cancer Fund is set to be one of the most stacked events in our four year history. But let us not forget the event that put this unique show in motion – Super Art Fight IDOL.

SAF IDOL 2012 is locked and loaded, but with a twist we ourselves didn’t expect.  The portfolios came in, but as the SAF Championship Committee looked through each one, it was clear that within the talent, there was an even more elite crop. A group that rose above all others.

So, from the sweet sixteen we went, dividing it down to the ELITE EIGHT. These talents will face harder and more difficult bouts than the 2011 class, and at the end, one talent will rise above, and be considered the first of a new generation of Art Fighter.

The time is now…let us announce the EIGHT PERSON bracket for SAF IDOL 2012.

SAF IDOL 2012 Round #1 Bout
Michelle Graves vs. Josrique Garcia

SAF IDOL 2012 Round #1 Bout
Branson Belchie II vs. Eric Ways

SAF IDOL 2012 Round #1 Bout
Erin Laue vs. Zach Ginsberg

SAF IDOL 2012 Round #1 Bout
Ashley Harnden vs. Phil Kahn

Where applicable, we have linked each person’s online portfolio for you to view.

We would be remiss if we did not mention one artist who unfortunately could not be a part of the show. Michael Donohue, a SAF Idol 2011 competitor was scheduled to be a part of the event, but had to back out due to a personal matter.  We wish Michael well, and hope to have him as a part of a future IDOL competition.  For those who did not see it, Michael put together an amazing video showcasing his road to SAF IDOL 2012, and we just had to feature it here.

Who will rise above from the ELITE EIGHT and make it happen in front of a live audience at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland or Streaming LIVE! here at Join us on Saturday, May 19th to find out.

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