Summer 2012 Pandemonium: Connecticon & Otakon Results!

Shot from Otakon 2012, courtesy of Michele Ann Reznik

If you ask any of the many artists who travel up and down the East Coast to do both Connecticut’s Connecticon and Maryland’s Otakon, they’ll tell you that they are two of the hardest shows to do, let alone in the same month.

Well, we can finally tell you that at least from the perspective as a traveling art competition, let alone one which is made up of many artists who vend at these same shows independently, that the run is exhausting.

However, if every year is like 2012, we will keep doing these shows for as long as our bodies will hold out, as we think we can say that the back to back combination of Connecticon and Otakon will go down as two of our best and wildest shows to date!

Here’s what went down, incase you missed it.

Fighting the adversity of a delayed start-time and a truncated show length, CLASH IN CONNECTICUT 2012 will go down as being full of some of the most hard fought tag bouts in SAF history, alongside one of the craziest endings ever.

BOUT 1: Mike Donohue & Phil “Commando” Kahn defeated “The Business” Henry Alexander & “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom

A surprise win from the rookie duo of Kahn and Donohue. We think you might just be seeing more of them in the not too distant future.

BOUT 2: The Plaid Lads (Scott Wegener & Caldwell Tanner) defeated Obsidian Abnormal & Dirk Tiede

A stupendous debut for Atomic Robo’s Scott Wegener who looked like an SAF natural alongside Caldwell Tanner. While Obsidian’s USA return didn’t go quite as planned, he made a hell of an on canvas showing, and added serious charisma with his Columbian flair.

MAIN EVENT: Yuko Ota defeated Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

Yuko remains undefeated after an absolutely insane bout, which resulted in all prior competitors and some surprise artists (like Explosm’s Rob Denbleyker) rushing the canvas.

This lead into our Otakon debut. Going on at midnight, for our first time in our hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, in front of the WILDEST, most UNPREDICTABLE crowd in SAF history, the 75th Annual Otakon Invitational will go down as one of the most memorable shows in our four year run.

BOUT 1: Ghostfreehood defeated Dirk Tiede

BOUT 2: Kelsey “Killer” Wailes defeated Michael “Spaghetti Kiss” Bracco

REDEMPTION TAG MATCH: Wailes/Ghostfreehood defeated Tiede/Bracco.

It’s been an amazing summer, and we can’t wait to top it in 2013. Now we head into the fall, and can’t wait to see where we wind up performing next. Thank you to the huge, astonishing crowds in both Connecticut and Maryland for underlining why we do what we do.

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