Behold – The Roster for Super Art Fight’s LOS ANGELES Debut!

Since we announced our debut in Los Angeles, set for Saturday Night, January 19th, 2013, the SAF army has wondered – who would be tackling the canvas on the West Coast? Who would rock the NerdMelt Showroom in Meltdown Comics?

Today, we pull back the curtain, and announce our roster for that show.

  • Super Art Fight Champion Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
    When breaking into a new market, you always need the best, and there is no one better at art fighting than the champion. Jamie Noguchi, creator of the webcomic Yellow Peril and co-creator of Super Art Fight established himself as one of the best nearly five years ago, and remains strong. The leader of Team IMPACT, he promises to make an impact of his own in LA on January 19th.
  • “Baron Von Sexyful” Michael Bracco
    One half of the infamous “Team Sexyfulness”, Bracco has dominated the singles ranks since his debut in September 2008, and now is looking to earn himself tag team gold. Appearing in singles competition, the flamboyant and over the top Bracco may design intricate comics like The Creators and Novo by day, but he will bring a beautiful disaster to the canvas and meltdown the NerdMelt Showroom when we make our Los Angeles debut.
  • Ethan Nicolle
    Artist and creator of the wildly popular webcomic Axe Cop (written by his younger brother Malachai), Ethan joined us at our ROFLCon 2012 show and quickly picked up some lethal art fighting skills. Now, with the Los Angeles debut, we’re on his home turf, and there’s little doubt – if he’s like the lead character in his comic, Ethan’s gonna take some heads with him.
  • Lea Hernandez
    A true pioneer in the world of independent and webcomics, co-creator of Killer Princesses and creator of Rumble Girls, Lea makes her Super Art Fight debut with us in Los Angeles, and she will not be denied her victory!

And of course, providing commentary, the voices of Super Art Fight, Marty Day and Ross Nover.

It’s going to be one for the ages. Super Art Fight. Los Angeles. The NerdMelt Showroom. Saturday Night, January 19th, 2013.  Tickets on sale soon, and the matchups for the historic evening will be announced soon. Make your plans now – it’s going to be a night the West Coast will never forget!

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