New TAG CHAMPS Crowned As SAF Celebrates 5 Years At The Ottobar!

Photo courtesy of Ravage Rorr.

Photo courtesy of Ravage Rorr.

Saturday night, March 30th, 2013, Super Art Fight returned to their home base of the Ottobar for another incredible night of art fightin’ entertainment, and the live audience was with us all the way for a rollercoaster evening which saw mystery partners, new tag champions crowned, new personas revealed and possibly the best one on one art fight ever.

If you missed it (shame on you!), here’s what went down.

OPENING BOUT: Stompadon defeated MarkerMancer (formerly Ash Sketch’Em)

The 2012 SAF Idol winner decided that 2013 was the year for a new persona, as Ash put away the pokemon and emerged an illusionist, taking on the magical persona of MarkerMancer.  She gave Stompadon everything she had, including an amazing last minute reversal turning the entire canvas into a magic trick, but the veteran talents of Stompadon grabbed the victory with a stunning transition of the entire board into the periodic table.  One thing’s for sure, MarkerMancer is going to be an art fighter to keep an eye on in 2013.

TAG TEAM INSANITY: The Nicest Team in Art Fight (Brandon J. Carr and Red Erin) defeated “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom and Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin

Left to fend for himself, the Charm City Shinobi pulled an interesting rabbit out of his hat, looking to his San Francisco opponent, a former SAF champion, Jamie Baldwin to his side. Unfortunately for them, they were facing the well oiled tag team machine of the Nicest Team in Art Fight.  This was the Ottobar debut for Red Erin, and she, alongside her tag partner Brandon J. Carr absolutely grabbed the audiences attention and kept them along for the ride. The tag division is heating up huge in SAF, and you have to believe the Nicest Team in Art Fight is in title contention after this one.

SAF TAG TEAM TITLE BOUT: TEAM SEXYFULNESS (The Baron & Duchess Von Sexyful) defeated Silent Apocalypse (Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville & Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau) to become the NEW SAF Tag Champions!

If you love the wacky antics of Super Art Fight, this one was for you. The ever unpredictable Team Sexyfulness found themselves entangled with the large and imposing Silent Apocalypse, and it’s hard to say who liked it more – one of the teams, or the audience as a whole.  With the title win for Sexyfulness, this continues the cursed streak of the SAF Tag Titles – all four prior teams have lost the belts on their first, and only, defense.

SUPER ART FIGHT TITLE BOUT: Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi defeated “Hot Soup” Ghostfreehood to retain his SAF Title.

If the last bout was about the antics, this was about the true art of art fighting. The two men who built this company around them, the two men who invented the style of art competition upon which SAF is founded, found themselves one on one, one more time, five years later.  Echoing their original bout on June 1st, 2008, these artists took the live crowd on a roller coaster ride, not with antics, not with flashy costumes, but with two artists, two markers and a metric ton of talent.  Truly one of the finest bouts to hit the canvas in the history of this “sport”, it’s only right that the final decision came down to a fraction of a decibel.

Once again, we at SAF would like to thank all of the talent, our special guests in comedian Jim Meyer and musical guests Egg Babies Orchestra, the amazing Ottobar, and yes, most importantly –  you, for making this five year anniversary evening a night to remember.

Five years down, five thousand to go. Baltimore – we’ll be back soon!

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