Ottobar Fallout Strikes The Black Cat on June 14th – Cute vs. Deadly


On March 30th at the Ottobar, a last minute fill in could have worked out very well for “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom, but alas, he found himself on the losing side.

After his partner Henry “The Business” Alexander blew off our latest Charm City adventure for an extended trip abroad, Malihom looked to former SAF champion Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin for assistance to take down the Nicest Team in Art Fight.  Luck was not on their side that night, and instead of the team called “Cute But Deadly” having a title shot in DC in 2 weeks, Malihom and Baldwin instead find themselves restarting their path to the top again.

If you ask Malihom, he feels like he brought his A-Game, he’s been a tag champion before, he knows what it feels to be at the top. However, if you ask Jamie Baldwin, a true SAF original, she just feels like he needs to quit his bitchin’ and take it to the canvas.

The SAF Championship Committee certainly felt like this was a great idea, so on June 14th at The Black Cat in Washington, DC, we’ll let them settle their differences in the most creative way possible – AN ART FIGHT.

Your third and final battle of the night – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON THE ART FIGHT CANVAS….

“Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom
Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin

Don’t delay! Get your tickets now, straight from TicketAlternative and join us for a non stop night of creative entertainment as only Super Art Fight can bring – join us in 2 weeks in the Nation’s Capital at the Black Cat!

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