ONE MORE TIME: Super Art Fight To Take On OTAKON 2013


Last July, powered by a groundswell of amazing fan support, Super Art Fight descended upon Otakon 2012 for a Midnight, 18+ Saturday Night live show.

After years of rejection, years of being not quite the right fit, because of fans like yourselves, we made it to the biggest geek party of our hometown, and we had one goal – become infamous or famous.

Over 1,000 of you showed up, filled the room, and together we went down in infamy.  Some of the craziest art, most ridiculous moments and downright silly fan interactions of our entire five year run went down that evening.  It’s a show which we’ve never stopped hearing about since.

For the four years prior, the question was “Are you ever going to play Otakon?”

Since, you’ve asked us “Will you be there this year?”

And now, we are proud to announce…


Otakon 2013. August 9th through 11th. Baltimore, Maryland.

Super Art Fight continues it’s crazy run of Summer convention shows, and if you think that the last time was insane? You haven’t seen anything yet.  See you at the Convention Center.

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