A Special Supplementary WHEEL OF DEATH!


Hey gang,

With our awesome Ottobar return coming up on September 7th, we wanted to give you folks the chance to add even more topics to our ever growing, ever changing, Wheel of Death.

We’ll be tossing the current wheel out and starting anew later in the Fall, but in the meantime, to spice up what we have, we figured we’d let you, the fans, pick some last minute topics to add to the wheel!


We’ll cut this off on Wednesday, September 4th.  Thanks for tossing in your suggestions!

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16 Responses to A Special Supplementary WHEEL OF DEATH!

  1. Manuela says:

    What’s really under Ross’ bed

  2. Kyle says:

    Rustled in the Jungle

  3. Dan Mario says:

    Squishy Mushroom Tips
    The Many Faces of Ben Affleck
    Damsels causing Distress
    Tantalizing Tentacles
    What’s that Smell?
    Puppy Buttholes
    Deadly Robots with Weaponized Babies
    The Actual Wheel of Death
    Cyborg Founding Fathers

  4. Phil Kahn says:

    Classical Art as interpreted through Anime
    +1 Re-Spin
    Ross & Marty’s Jaeger
    Your Opponent as a Care Bear
    DC Comics’ Next Big Idea
    Space Breasts
    Al Pacino in movies that don’t feature Al Pacino
    National Rambo-hemian
    Marty Day’s Darkest Secret
    The Creative Merits of Hellboy 2
    Captain Switzerland!
    Was that a goat?

  5. Bimbo Baggins
    IKEA Mecha-robots
    Prime Ministers as Gogo Dancers
    Inappropriate Product Placement
    Schultz’s Peanuts in South Park
    Armadillos with Afros
    80s Horror Idols in Chibi form
    Super Friend-zoned
    Napoleon Blown Apart
    Babe-raham Lincoln
    Legion of Doom Awkward Puberty Moments
    Bipolar Pineapples
    Things that should not be “Soft-Serve”
    Mr. Skully Head’s Do’s and Don’ts
    Deadhead Bears in Modern Jobs
    New meaning for “LOL”
    Computer go boom

  6. Rob says:

    Twerk it


    Spectacles all of the stuff

    Can you see the colors


    Visual interpretation of your opponents web browser history


  7. Badass Zambonis
    Lava Lamp Accidents
    Insulting Mathematical Formulas
    Herbivores with Jetpacks
    World’s Gayest Redneck
    Office Supply Weapons
    Fruit Ninja vs. Vegetable Samurai
    Over-accessorized Muscle Cars
    1960s Era Computers
    Rabid Moose
    Masturbate and Commander
    Innocent Bystanders Getting Mauled
    Perky Goth
    Chinese Lions vs. Chinese Dragons
    Adorable Kittens with Deplorable Vixens
    Deadheads in Headsets
    Kimono Dragon
    Cthulhu, CPA
    Adventure Time!
    Penguins with Weapons
    Roller Derby Pin-Ups
    Berserker Former Presidents

  8. Kelly says:

    Redneck Kungfu

  9. meisterjazz says:

    Your Jaeger
    You opponent as a grandparent
    Attack on Titan
    Caffeine Addict
    Dinosaur Ballet
    PG Porn
    Childhood Dream Job
    Your spirit animal
    80s Buddy Cops
    Classic Horror Monster’s Day Off
    Kaiju vacation

  10. Magic Unicycles
    Binary Speech
    Mutant Vegetables
    Soda Wars
    Stoooopid Monkeys

  11. B says:

    Abe Lincolns Hips
    Ill Fitting Cos-play
    Marvel Muppet’s
    The B-Team

  12. moeris says:

    Your opponent after the Golden Mile.

  13. Ross Sucks and Mary Farts
    Jedi Slumber Party
    Babies with SWORDS!
    The Codfather
    Pacific Grim
    Friendship is Tragic
    The Empire Talks Smack
    The Walking Deadmau5
    Assembly Line Dancing
    Where do you see yourself in 5 beers?
    Beast Buddies

  14. Go Go Power Jaegers
    Vigorous Jazz Hands
    Pugs in Uggs

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