Bring Forth The 2014 Season, With Our MAGFest Return!


Folks, there’s no lying – our 2013 season was very, very good to us.

It was a year marked with huge advances for Super Art Fight, including three shows on the west coast, sold out live events, and arguably the greatest SAF Idol class yet – it was a great way to celebrate five years of existence.

But we at the Greatest Live Art Competition in the Known Universe haven’t been known to rest on our laurels – which is why we’re planning even bigger and better things for 2014.

We’ll be kicking off 2014 right, and heading on the Road To Show 100 as we make our return to the best goddamned video game and music convention in the world, MAGFest, and we’ve got a hell of a card lined up.

Taking on the idea of new beginnings, we’ve got a show jam-packed with not only the artists you know and love, but ALSO some of the brand spankin’ new talent discovered at SAF IDOL 2013.  Plus Ross and Marty. But who cares about them.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for our show, which will be on Saturday, January 4th (time and location, TBA):

  • Super Art Fight Champion Kelsey “Killer” Wailes and SAF Tag Champion Baron Von Sexyful versus SAF Idol 2013 Winner Dr. BroStein and SAF Idol 2013 Finalist The Dudeler
    Back at SAF Idol, BroStein and the Dudeler proved themselves to be two amazing artists, and while we last saw them at each others throats fighting to join the roster, the scholarly BroStein and lackadaisical Dudeler will join forces to take on a terrifying team-up of titans – current SAF Champion Kelsey “Killer” Wailes and one-half of the ever unpredictable tag champions, Baron Von Sexyful. The real question? How sexyful will Kelsey be on January 4th?
  • Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi versus The Scribble
    Another artist who grabbed eyes back at SAF Idol 2013 is the quick drawing quickdraw, the wild west’s own The Scribble. At MAGFest, he’ll have to put up or shut up, as he’ll be opposite the icon of all things Art Fight, Jamie Noguchi.
  • “Charm City Shinobi” Dann Malihom & Red Erin versus Phil “Commando” Kahn & El Russo Rojo
    The 2013 season was very good to four talents – Baltimore’s own ninja, Dann Malihom; the mysterious luchadore from Russia, El Russo Rojo; the walking, talking explosion known as the Commando; and the rarely defeated Kommisar of Kindness, Red Erin. On January 4th at MAGFest, we’re going to let these four, hungry talents show you what they’re all about in a jam-packed, laugh-a-minute tag team match.

Pretty good way to kick off 2014, right?  Well, as always, the best way you can take in this action is to see it LIVE and in-person. Join us in National Harbor, MD for MAGFest, as we tick away another show until the big 100 – get your tickets today!


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