ConnectiCon 2014 Recap: Ross Doesn’t Suck

Photo Courtesy of Allison Hill

Photo Courtesy of Allison Hill

Since 2009, ConnectiCon has been a premiere event for us here at Super Art Fight, and this year had to go down as one of the best.

With a major live event Friday night, podcast recording on Saturday, and the unspeakable Unleashed card on Saturday night, it was a whirlwind of a weekend, and a TOTAL blast.

Now, for the important part – the results of Friday night’s card, which some of you watched STREAMING LIVE…

BOUT 1: El Russo Rojo & Charm City Shinobi defeated The Dudeler & The Commando

We knew that bringing this tag team feud north would produce a good match, but these two proved why they are two of the top tag teams in SAF today. Now tied 1-1 in their series, it will be interesting to see who can win the rubber match, whenever it occurs. You have to believe that if the Dudeler and the Commando cash in for their tag team title shot…and win, Rojo and Shinobi want a shot at the gold.

BOUT 2: Annie Stoll defeated Baron Von Sexyful

Annie, a first-timer to the SAF canvas, made her way to the greatest art competition in the known universe after a long wait, having been accepted to, but having had to back out from, the 2011 SAF Idol tournament. Never the less, the creator of Ode had an amazing debut, ultimately defeating SAF Vet and Fan Favorite, Baron Von Sexyful.

BOUT 3: Ross Nover defeated Garth Graham

We promised a hell of a surprise in your main event, and sure enough, after six years of waiting, SAF Co-Host Ross Nover took the stage, battling returning former SAF Champion Garth Graham. It was a hard fought bout for both (one new to the canvas, the other working off canvas rust), but in the end, Ross gained the victory…and apparently intends to retire undefeated.

All and all, it was an amazing show, and we’re already thinking about what we would do if/when we return for CTCon 2015.

Sounds like a great time, right? Well, lets see what you…and we…had to say. IT’S STORIFY TIME, YOU GUYS!

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