Super Art Fight Makes New York City Debut Vs. COLLEGEHUMOR, November 1st!


Greatest Live Art Competition takes on Illustrators from Best Humor Website For One Night Only in Brooklyn

BALTIMORE, MD (October 1, 2014)—Super Art Fight, the greatest live art competition in the known universe, will make its New York debut on Saturday, November 1 at Palisades in Brooklyn, NY, as its stars collide in a series of “art fight” bouts against the artistic roster from leading comedy website

Since its inception in 2008, Super Art Fight (SAF) has traveled the United States presenting an incredible live show that pits artists against each other in timed drawing competitions. Complete with professional wrestling-style characters and improvised live commentary, audiences are routinely blown away by Super Art Fight events held across the country.

Each round, or “art bout,” is performed before a six-foot high by twelve-foot wide canvas. At the start of each bout, participating artists are given a topic that must be drawn and incorporated into canvas in some way. Periodically throughout each round, artists are given additional challenges from the “Wheel of Death”—a crowd-sourced list of new topics—that must be integrated into the existing drawings. Artists are even permitted to add to or change their opponent’s work. At the end of each twenty-five minute art bout, a decibel reader measures the hoots, hollers, cheers and applause from the crowd to determine a winner.

The event on Saturday, November 1 at Palisades in Brooklyn will mark the debut of Super Art Fight in New York, and to make a statement, the SAF Superstars will go after one of the greatest forces in humor today: the artistic roster from The unique art competition is sure to be among the most hilarious and unpredictable live events New York has seen. Will the SAF Superstars be able to take down the Internet legends, or will CollegeHumor get to laugh another day? There’s only one way to find out—see the show for yourself!

Join the action, see the excitement and be a part of history as markers clash in Brooklyn on November 1. Tickets are on sale now for $15 at

What: Super Art Fight vs. CollegeHumor

Where: Palisades (906 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11206)

Date: Saturday, November 1

Time: Doors at 8:00pm; Show at 8:30pm


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Press Contacts:

Ross Nover (Super Art Fight), 202.494.8374 /

Jaime Ellyn Marsanico (CollegeHumor), 212.524.8781 /

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