The Gift Of Giving: Help Pick Our DECEMBER 6 DC Card!


Coming up on Saturday Night, December 6th, we at Super Art Fight return to the Black Cat (upstairs) in Washington, DC for a very special holiday event we call Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular.

We have a lot of very cool things planned for our 2014 Season Finale (our first ever Holiday show, no less!), but the biggest thing is this – we wanted to give back to you – the fans!

2014 has been a tremendous year for us – we launched a Podcast. We launched a Web Show (more on that soon). We launched a bi-weekly streaming event. We’ve been to new cities. We hit 100 shows. We saw more of you than ever before.

So, on December 6th, we want to give you exactly what YOU want

…by letting you, our fans, help decide the card!

Below, you will find a list of 16 Super Art Fight roster members who have committed their availability to the date. We want YOU (yes, YOU!) to give us two one on one bouts you wish to see from the artists available.

You can post multiple times, we’ll tally it up, and whatever bouts get the most votes will be considered to be on the final card. We’ll let you keep voting through Next Friday, November 7th.  (Coincidentally, tickets for the show go on sale THIS Friday, October 31st.)

Here’s the list!

  1. Baron Von Sexyful
  2. Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  3. KROD!
  4. El Russo Rojo
  5. Red Erin
  6. The Commando
  7. MeKonga
  8. Mecha IMPACT
  9. The Dudeler
  10. The Markermancer
  11. “The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr
  12. Lioness Rampant
  13. Darl “Apocaylpse” Gnau
  14. Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin
  15. Doctor Destructo Dome
  16. Duchess Von Sexyful

Happy voting!

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96 Responses to The Gift Of Giving: Help Pick Our DECEMBER 6 DC Card!

  1. Katie says:

    echoing Commando vs Brandon J. Carr!

  2. Hilary says:

    The Commando vs The Commando
    Baron Von Sexyful vs The Commando
    El Russo Rojo vs The Commando
    Red Erin vs The Commando
    Doctor Destructo Dome vs The Commando
    Duchess Von Sexyful vs The Commando
    The Commando vs The Commando

  3. chrishanel says:

    Echoing Commando vs Brandon J Carr 🙂

  4. leecherolis says:

    Another vote for Baron Von Sexyful with the Dudeler Vs. Commando with Duchess.

    DEFINITELY Destructo Vs. KROD.

    Another for Red Erin + Russo Rojo VS. Kaiju Krush.

    OOOOOOOOH! I HAVE to see Ross Vs. Marty.

    Also, I can’t make it to DC so please video this.

  5. Kevin says:

    Doctor destructo dome vs krod!

  6. Uncle Milty says:

    The Dudeler vs Brandon J. Carr. Kind buddy vs Kine bud

  7. johnwaltrip says:

    Commando vs Brandon J. Carr as well.

  8. Jermaine says:


  9. machvergil says:

    The Dudeler vs Markermancer!


    The Commando vs The Russo Rojo

  10. rossux says:

    Red Erin V Dudeler
    Lioness Rampant V El Russo Rojo
    Duchess Von Sexyful V Destructo Dome
    Markermancer V Jamie Baldwin

  11. TBeckett says:

    ThE Commando vs Angry Zen Master

  12. Rachel says:

    El Russo Rojo vs Red Erin!

  13. Mark says:

    Chris Impink verses Mekonga
    Brandon J Carr verses Lioness Rampant
    Duchess Von Sexy verses Mekonga
    Ross verses Marty

  14. Red says:

    The Commando vs. Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

  15. picard85 says:

    The Commando vs. Duchess Von Sexyful

  16. Jack Vermicelli says:

    Commando vs Noguchi

  17. kishi123 says:

    The Commando vs Noguchi

  18. Jessica says:

    El Russo Rojo vs Lioness Rampant!

  19. Benedikt says:

    The commando vs. lioness rampant

  20. Alicia says:

    El Russo Rojo vs Lioness Rampant

  21. Alicia says:

    El Russo Rojo vs Red Erin

  22. Nicole says:

    El Russo rojo v lioness rampant

  23. Liz says:

    Echoing Commando vs. Brandon J. Carr
    Echoing Commando vs. The Russo Rojo

  24. BlargleBlargle says:

    Doctor Destructo Dome vs The Markermancer!
    Doctor Destructo Dome vs Duchess Von Sexyful!

  25. Carlos "The Los" Padilla says:

    Red Erin vs Lioness Rampant
    Jamie AZM Noguchi vs Doctor Destructo Dome

  26. Carlos "The Los" Padilla says:

    Jamie “Brawlin” Baldwin vs Duchess Von Sexyful
    Lioness Rampant vs Doctor Destructo Dome

  27. Carlos "The Los" Padilla says:

    The Commando vs Lioness Rampant
    Krod vs Doctor Destructo Dome

  28. Mr. Prince says:

    Just The Dudler.

  29. Jpalm says:

    El Russo Rojo vs Lioness Rampant

    El Russo Rojo weep for the first place in my heart attack

  30. Leto says:

    Jamie Noguchi v The Commando

  31. Emily Althea says:

    Lioness Rampant v El Russo Rojo

  32. Rodrigo says:

    The Commando v Mecha IMPACT

  33. John A says:

    Doctor Destructo Dome vs MeKonga!

  34. Mr. Law says:

    Mr. Law says:
    El Russo Rojo v Red Erin
    El Russo Rojo v Lioness Rampant

  35. Summary Man says:

    Summary Man says:

    El Russo Rojo v Lioness Rampant

  36. Jackson says:

    Jackson says:

    Red Erin v El Russo Rojo

  37. Drew S. says:

    Any matchup between
    Lioness V Red Erin
    Lioness V Jamie Baldwin
    Red Erin V Jamie Baldwin

  38. Becky says:

    El Russo Rojo V Lioness

  39. discordinc says:

    Ship to ship combat!

    El Russo Rojo/Lioness Rampant vs Team von Sexiful!

  40. discordinc says:


    El Russo Rojo/Lioness Rampant vs Team Kaiju Krush!

  41. DudlerGroupie says:

    The Dudler vs Brandon J Carr

  42. Becky says:

    El Russo Rojo V Red Erin!

  43. rachel says:

    Doctor Destructo Dome vs. MeKonga

  44. Alasta says:

    so like, the Super Domestic Dispute sounds super fun…

  45. Susan S says:

    The Dudeler vs. The Markermancer!

  46. Frigsson says:

    The Commando’s left hand vs. the Commando’s right hand

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