Welcome JOUNCE to our December 6th DC Holiday Show!


Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular just got bigger folks.

To add to our holiday cheer and goodwill towards men, women and robots, we at Super Art Fight wanted to bring you a special musical guest. One we thought you’d be sure to love. One with special ties to the Super Art Fight locker room.

Ladies and Gentlemen, joining us on December 6th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, we welcome…


Not familiar? Don’t worry. Maybe their bio should help…

Jounce is an East to West Coast band centered in Brooklyn, NY. An ever evolving post punk and 90′s rock hybrid. A product of a well defined generation only re-imagined. Nearly impossible to describe but easily digested. Danny and Matt have been friends since childhood, even through Dan’s bi-coastal lifestyle while he was Nickelodeon’s “Little Pete.” We like to think Pete Wrigley would dig the Jounce.

Yeah, it’s gonna be like that, kids. Check out their official website, and grab tickets in advance TODAY!

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