Spread The Holiday Joy! FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH (End of 2014 Edition)


Well, folks, we’re just about two weeks away from Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular and with Turkey Day almost here, we at SAF are still in a giving mood.

We let you help us pick out the card, and you did an amazing job, as we think it’s one of the coolest lineups we’ve ever had.

But we want to give you a little more…


That’s right, we’re opening up the insatiable maw of everyone’s favorite demonic drawing muse, the Wheel of Death to add some extra topics just in time for our December 6th DC return!

Have something stupid you want our artists to draw? AWESOME! Sound off in the comments about it.

Remember, as always, brevity is key – the less you write, the better a topic it is. Our artists can do a lot more with “Fish Tank” then they can “Sherlock Fights Doctor Who And Supernatural Shows Up With Grumpy Cat And They’re All On Fire”.

Comments will remain open until Wednesday, December 3rd. Sounds like the perfect family activity while you’re recovering from Thanksgiving dinner, right?

Be sure to join us on December 6th at the Black Cat to see which of your topics make it to the canvas! Tickets are on sale NOW!

All suggestions become the property of Super Art Fight, LLC for use in live events and future reproductions.
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14 Responses to Spread The Holiday Joy! FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH (End of 2014 Edition)

  1. Drew says:

    Break the Internet Marty Day

  2. greymaiden says:

    Multiple phrases randomly thrown together from my brain:

    Rage Muppets
    Spider Princesses
    Moisturize my hat
    Moscow Rules with Porn Stars
    Catalytic Text Converter
    Bootstrap the spork configuration
    sudo my butt
    sloths wearing sweaters

    I can do this all day.

  3. Tryo C Deeter says:

    Fabulous Snagglepuss
    Cranky Messiah
    Kosher Kool-aid
    Cosby Condoms
    Slender Man VS Honey Boo Boo

  4. dr. steve brule says:

    Fraggle Rock Erotica
    The Funk
    Ass Disaster
    Walking over Lego Bricks
    Donkey Kong Country
    Surly Goats
    The Danglerfish

  5. Santa’s Elves On Strike
    BDSM Reindeer
    Cyborg Santa
    Cthulhu Claus
    Saturnalia Orgy Party Prep
    Chanukah Harry Houdini
    Walking In A Nuclear Winter Wonderland
    How The Grinch Fenced Christmas (After He’d Stolen It)

  6. GobbyGoo says:

    The Food Chain
    An Unexpected Twist!
    Phantom of the Art Fight
    Salty Sailors
    Freaky Fairy Tales
    Much Ado About Muffins
    Sports Equipment
    (Hostess) Fruit Pies
    Bazooka Joe
    Legend of Smellda
    Stupid Phones
    Barrel of Monkeys
    the Floor is Lava
    The War of Christmas

  7. discordinc says:

    And I’ll form the head
    Cyclops has a good day
    Ship-to-ship combat
    Big man on Krampus
    Mutant Monster Snow Goons
    The Reindeer Games
    Regrettable Presents

  8. robodevil says:

    The Candy Cane Killer
    Snow Goons
    Art Fight on Ice
    Frozen II : The Melting

  9. Vieve says:

    Rudolph, the Ross-nosed Reindeer
    Catching Fire Ants
    V for Velociraptor
    Mexican jumping beans
    Care Bear Stare
    Pigs in Space
    Doctor Pooh

  10. Ugh! I’ve been slimed!
    Tied up with ribbons
    Mystical Pyramids
    Fruit Hats

  11. Oliver says:

    Diarrhea Eyes
    Diarrhea Ears
    Sulking Pandas with Small Hats
    Everybody Loves Monocles!
    Horse Legs Akimbo
    My Demon Little Buddy
    Diarrhea Nose
    Robot Dance Party
    Guy on Stilts Falls on Things
    Pie Fight!
    When Space Invades
    Awkward Sexless Orgy
    Let’s All Eat a Really Large Sandwich Together!
    Talking Peanut People Double Trouble
    Flying Farts of Death
    Delicious Soup Break!
    Meal of Death
    Hot Sister is Too Friendly
    Everyone Rides in Cars Made of Dead Muppets
    Diarrhea of the Butt… face

  12. Gurl says:

    Buttholes on Parade
    Greyhounds in Giraffe Hats
    Seasonally Inappropriate
    Now with More Phil

  13. Oni Luchador says:

    Pun it
    Revenge of the 90’s
    Putin on the Ritz
    Christmas Nightmare without the Burton
    British Shenanigans
    Year of the JK Simmons
    New year’s Doom

  14. Bootsie says:

    Pumpkin Spice ______

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