Your Votes Are In, Will There Be An UNLEASHED?!


The votes have been tallied. The people have spoken. And a decision has been made.

First and foremost, let us say that we were really pleased with the enthusiastic response to a stand-alone Super Art Fight UNLEASHED live event. Since that show has been a special attraction at different conventions, we weren’t sure if it’d fly on its own.

We were pleased to see a whopping 99 Percent of you were interested in us doing a stand-alone SAF UNLEASHED event. That said, it seems that you weren’t all too pleased with the selection of a July 4th date, with only 63 Percent of the vote being OK with that date. Maybe it’s too close to the holiday, maybe you all have awesome plans – whatever the reason, as a small, independent organization self-financing live events, the margin was too wide.

So, here’s what we’re ready to announce today. We’re working with our intended venue to find another date to hold a proper Super Art Fight UNLEASHED live event. There WILL be a full-on SAF Unleashed event, and we will have it this year.

Thank you all so much for your votes, and stay tuned to as we work towards this first-ever, absolutely insane live event.

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