SAF Unleashed Details: We’re Gettin’ BAWDY in B-MORE!

Bawdy Shop Burlesque gets pumped up by hennpict

We told you that Super Art Fight UNLEASHED was going to make for a unique show when it makes its stand alone debut on Friday, July 24th in Baltimore, Maryland at the Creative Alliance. And now we’re ready to share some of the details of this once-in-a-lifetime, adults only evening of entertainment.

First things first – the scope of the show is a little more intimate. If you’ve seen us do SAF Unleashed at a convention show, you know that the focus is on two things – art, and openness. That will be the same for the stand alone show. While we’ll be announcing pairings for the event – think of these more as collaborations, and less like bouts. Each pairing of Super Art Fight talent are focused on creating incredible art…which also happens to be incredibly filthy. Additionally, our hosts, Marty Day, Ross Nover, and Referee Brandon Chalmers will open the floor to you the audience, and tell show stories, stories from their personal lives, and A literally ANY Q’s you may have after seven years of Super Art Fight action. It’s going to be a revealing night for all.

And speaking of revealing, we’re proud to announce the return of burlesque to the Super Art Fight stage! Not featured on a SAF card since our last show at the Red Palace in Washington, DC, we’re bringing a taste of Baltimore to the stage, as Bawdy Shop Burlesque will be bringing their best between bouts to keep you entertained, enthralled and on your toes.

Performing from Bawdy Shop Burlesque will be…
– Kay Sera
– Ruby Rockafella
– Sunny Sighed (with Bal’d Lightning)
– Danzig Maklosov

As you can see, it’s going to be a unique night you CANNOT miss! Grab your tickets today.

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