HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015: Sexy vs. Ninjas For Tag Team Gold!


The Super Art Fight Tag division has been a place of regrowth and rebirth lately, with two new duos making their name – ANGRY SHINOBI (the team of Angry Zen Master and Charm City Shinobi) and THE GOUACHEBUCKLERS (the pirate duo of Captain Salsa Verde and First Mate Dijon Mustarde).

But at the top has remained the seemingly undefeatable TEAM SEXYFULNESS (the Duchess and Baron Von Sexyful). Having held the tag titles for a record 1+ year reign, there is seemingly no stopping the fashionable champions. Or is there?

Baron Von Sexyful quickly won – and lost – the Super Art Fight championship earlier this year. Reeling from the loss, he’s focused harder than ever on maintaining his massive ego…so it’s going to be quite the blow when he discovers that next in line is a duo of former tag champions.

Upon choosing the #1 Contender’s for the SAF Tag Titles, the SAF Championship committee decided to go with the team featuring two former tag champions…and on October 17th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, they may hold the belts again. IT WILL BE…

TEAM SEXYFULNESS (Champions) vs. ANGRY SHINOBI (Challengers)

This will be an absolute barn-burner of a tag match. Can Sexyfulness continue their reign, or will the ninja duo sneak their way into tag team gold?

Grab your tickets now. (Standard/VIP)

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