Super Art Fight IDOL 2015: Full Results – The Future Is HERE!

Your 2015 SAF Idol Class!

Your 2015 SAF Idol Class!

This past Saturday afternoon, the SAF Army was able to see the future, as we welcomed the ELITE EIGHT to compete in the 2015 edition of Super Art Fight IDOL.

Eight incredibly talented artists stormed the stage and tackled the canvas, with only one getting a guaranteed roster spot in the end. When the smoke cleared, the victor, and new SAF roster member was Monkah Mouse, a former Mouseketeer embittered about her fellow mousekateers success. (In reality, Monkah is a talented artist out of Baltimore, Maryland.)

Here are the full results from the tournament, held at the Windup Space in Baltimore, Maryland.

Opening Round

  • The Lightning Lesbian defeated Shoujo A Go-Go
  • The Valkyrie defeated Blingo Starchild
  • Monkah Mouse defeated The Princess of Darkness
  • Drawnohue defeated De’bra Jessica Vegaz: Long Island Psychic


  • The Lightning Lesbian defeated The Valkyrie
  • Monkah Mouse defeated Drawnohue


  • Monkah Mouse defeated The Lightning Lesbian to become the 2015 SUPER ART FIGHT IDOL CHAMPION.

The event (the 4th SAF IDOL to date) was judged by SAF Co-Creator Nick DiFabbio (Ghostfreehood), SAF Co-Creator Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master), and SAF Veteran Michael Bracco (Baron Von Sexyful).

You can expect to see many of these amazing talents hit the SAF stages in 2016, as the bar has once again been raised for talent – new and veteran alike.

As for Monika Mouse, she’ll be in action at Super Art Fight’s Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular at the Black Cat in Washington, DC on December 4th.

For more on this event, listen to the latest episode of the Super Art Fight podcast!

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