HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: Sexy Doctor Time!


The week of announcements for SUPER ART FIGHT’S SECOND ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL SPECTACULAR continue on, as we look at our third of four bouts scheduled for Friday, December 4th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

Coming off of losses of his Super Art Fight Championship and SAF Tag Titles back to back, it’s easy to say that the Baron needs to get his groove back. But at the same time – it’s a long way to the top, from the bottom.

On December 4th, the Sultan of Sexyfulness will have quite the challenge ahead of him…the challenge of a MAD SCIENTIST, as in a first time EVER bout, colliding in DC, you will see…


Can the Baron get back on the winning side? Or will the Bad Doctor get a MAJOR singles victory? This is sure to set the SAF Singles Rankings ablaze, and you the audience get to pick the victor!

Want to see these titans collide? You know what to do – grab your tickets in advance.

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