MAGFest: Get Ready To Get UNLEASHED!


While not being Music OR Gaming, we’ve never the less found ourselves a proud part of MAGFest, the East Coast’s finest music and gaming festival, and the fun continues with MAGFest 2016, February 18–21.

We will be attending ALL weekend long, but our shows – Yes, SHOWS – will be on Saturday, February 20th.

We will bring you SUPER ART FIGHT proper, and for the FIRST TIME ever at MAGFest, the outrageous, offensive, and unforgettable SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED makes some memories you’re going to want to bleach.

Here’s the show schedule proper:

Saturday, February 20th

Super Art Fight – 3pm, Maryland A (Panels 3)

The SAF new talent initiative continues, as you’ll see new talent mix it up with established favorites alike!

  • Baron Von Sexyful vs. The Princess of Darkness
  • Miss Scribble vs. Captain Salsa Verde
  • The Valkyrie vs. Charm City Shinobi

LATE Saturday, February 20th

SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED – 12am, Maryland A (Panels 3)

Get ready for the Super Art Fight show you’ll never be able to forget – no matter how much therapy you have – in this raunchy, insane, adults-only version of Super Art Fight. We can’t think of a better crowd to show this to than MAGFest, and we look forward to horrifying memories.

Want to join us at MAGFest? Register now – PASSES ARE GOING FAST!

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