Ottobar: The Two Sides of SAF Collide In An Unforgettable Matchup!


Since our inception in 2008, Super Art Fight has been built around two key ideals:

  1. Creating incredible artwork.
  2. Providing larger than life characters and personas for artists to grow into.

These ideals are no more personified than by two of our own Super Art Fight veterans.

On one hand – you have Ghostfreehood. He created the game as we know it, alongside the Angry Zen Master, delivering amazingly stunning canvases, and advancing his artistic skill – all the while leaving punished opponents in his wake. Where other artists have characters, Ghostfreehood just IS, building a name on his fantastical and grotesque designs.

On the other – Baron Von Sexyful. This three-time Super Art Fight champion definitely has the artistic chops (his true identity would’ve never released so many books without it), but there’s little doubt that the one-time Michael Bracco changed the game the minute he put on a pair of tight-red pants and went from a Spaghetti Kiss to being the undeniable Baron.

It’s like pairing an immovable force against an unstoppable object.  Art? Or Character? Which one will reign supreme? We’ll find out together at ALL KILLER, NO FILLER, live from the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland on March 12th, as we bring you…

Ghostfreehood vs. Baron Von Sexyful

Grab tickets while you can.

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