BRAWLTIMORE: First-Time Duos Collide in a Tag-Team Match!


The Super Art Fight Tag Team division is in a state of upheaval.

With the tag titles no longer around the stable waists of Team Sexyfulness, it’s an interesting era to be a duo in SAF – and on September 24th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, we’ll see two BRAND NEW duos collide in a sure to be crazy tag-team battle.

ON ONE SIDE – former foes will find that together, they are a greater sum than their parts, just as their beloved communism preaches.

ON THE OTHER – a friendly fanboy just happy to be here is teamed up with a near-extinct Kaiju monster.

It’s the type of battle which only Super Art Fight can give you…


THE EASTERN BLOCK (Red Erin & El Russo Rojo)
“The Fighting Fanboy” Mike Donohue & STOMPADON!

Giant monsters, luchadores, communists and fanboys, all in one match. What else gives you THAT much for your entertainment dollar?

Grab your tickets for BRAWLTIMORE 2016 via Ticketfly today, and make sure you can see EVERY MINUTE of the action!

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