BROOKLYN: Main Event Announced for November 19th!


As we wrap up our week of announcements for our big Brooklyn, NY show – coming up on November 19th from Sunnyvale – we are pleased to announce the main event of the evening.

This bout presents a unique opportunity for an artist building a name for herself, as well as a showcase for one of Super Art Fight’s biggest stars.

On one side of the stage, it’s the artist who was a 2015 Super Art Fight IDOL finalist, returned for a strong victory at Connecticon 2016, and is fueled by a love of American Fast Food and her home of Valhalla.

The otherside of the stage is a multi-time Super Art Fight champion, multi-time and current Super Art Fight tag team champion, and owner of the TIGHTEST pants in the roster.

That’s right, your BROOKLYN MAIN EVENT IS….


This is an amazing opportunity for the Lightning Lesbian, and a chance for Baron Von Sexyful to snuff out another artist’s hopes and dreams. This bout will be absolutely unforgettable.

How can you see it? Join us live in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are available now at – just $15!

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