OTTOBAR: Tag Team Champions to Face a BRAND-NEW Challenge!

On Saturday, March 18th, we at Super Art Fight return to our home base, the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for a show we’re so stoked about that it could only be…Better Than The Last Time!

So far, we’ve announced a defense of the Super Art Fight championship, and coming out of SAF IDOL, the finals of that tournament is set for our Ottobar return…but what about the tag team titles?

Since capturing the tag belts at the Ottobar last Fall at BRAWLtimore, the team of Baron Von Sexyful and Two-Drink Alex has been unstoppable, racking up wins both solo and together at event after event. That said, a new duo has united to take them on for the tag team titles.

Back after losing his SAF Title opportunity at BRAWLtimore, the Charm City Shinobi is older and literally wiser, as he’s now got a piece of paper to back it up. That’s right – he’s now Charm CIty Shinobi PhD!

And a doctorate certainly has grabbed the eyes of another competitor, who has done the time in the trenches and has a whole slue of letters after her name to back it up – the always scientific Doctor Professor Hemoglobin MD, LMNOP!

On March 18th, it will be…

Super Art Fight Tag Team Title Match

Baron Von Sexyful & Two-Drink Alex defend against The Smartest Team in Art Fight (Charm City Shinobi PhD & Doctor Professor Hemoglobin MD, LMNOP)

It’s the ultimate showdown of body versus brains – and who will win? Find out by joining us live. Grab your tickets today!

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