#SAF100: Last Minute Details & Updates For This Weekend’s HUGE Event!


Hello SAF Army! Are you as excited as we are?!

In just about 35 hours, we at Super Art Fight will return to the stage of The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland for our biggest show possibly ever, Super Art Fight 100.

We’ve been hyping this up for months, and tomorrow night, we intend to deliver.

There’s been some moving and shaking with the card, some great press coverage, and we’ve got the schedule down for the event, so we thought we’d share it all with you in one, easy to follow post. So get your notepads ready.

First thing’s first - Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi will NOT be appearing at the event. Originally scheduled for tomorrow’s big tag team match, Jamie had to step away from the show due to personal commitments, but – not to worry, our resident luchadore, El Russo Rojo will be stepping in, teaming with The Charm City Shinobi to take on the debuting duo of Kaiju Krush (Krod and MeKonga). Our apologies for any inconvenience, and we promise, Jamie will be back in the not too distant future.

We got press coverage! Current SAF Champion Kelsey “Killer” Wailes was featured in the Like/Dislike section of this week’s edition of B (which you can read online here), and we’re the featured cover story in the Live! section of this morning’s edition of The Baltimore Sun. We recommend picking up the actual paper if you can, but if you can’t, that story is online too.  If that wasn’t enough, the awesome blog Fangirls Are We also did a VERY comprehensive interview with the 5 “heads” of Super Art Fight, which you can read here.

Want to know the official schedule for the show? Here you go.

9pm – DOORS
9:30pm – Show Kick-Off, Homecoming Battle: Baron Von Sexyful vs. The Dudeler (Punks vs. Preps)
10:10pm – Homecoming Battle: Red Erin vs. Lioness Rampant (Band Geeks vs. Art Nerds)
10:45pm – Musical Performance: The Max Levine Ensemble
11:30pm – TAG TEAM BATTLE: KAIJU KRUSH vs. Charm City Shinobi/El Russo Rojo (Teachers vs. Parents)
12:05pm – SAF TITLE BOUT: Brandon J. Carr vs. Kelsey “Killer” Wailes [Champion] (Jocks vs. Nerds)

Worried about tickets? Here’s where things stand right now – currently, this show is one of our most pre-ordered events ever – which is awesome and humbling.  That said, tickets will be available at the door. If you are worried about getting in, we highly recommend pre-ordering your tickets via MissionTix.com. That link should work through early tomorrow afternoon. We’ll keep you updated on the availability of tickets on our Twitter page, @SuperArtFight, as the show gets closer.


Merch wise, expect two brand new shirts, pictured above –  a re-coloring of the popular DRAW! shirt, and a new robot design by our own Kelsey “Killer” Wailes.  We’ll also have a special 100th Show discount sale on some older designs soon to be discontinued, plus our remaining hoodies!

Finally – just as a reminder, we highly recommend dressing up, whether in costume or just looking damn sexy, for this event. It’s not mandatory by any means, but it helps with the homecoming vibe. And yes, the photo booth is still on! Remember tomorrow FOREVER!

That’s about everything, but for any last minute questions or concerns, please ask in the comments, or shoot us a line on Twitter!


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#SAF100: The Celebration Gets Even Bigger


Folks, we keep trying to make it clear, Super Art Fight 100 is going to be not just a big show…but our biggest show ever.

We’ve got four major bouts, we’ve got the awesome Max Levine Ensemble as our musical guest, we’re making it a homecoming proper by inviting you to dress up (whether dressing well or in costume), we’re even going to have a photo booth so you remember the night forever.

Well…it’s even bigger now, you guys.

Try as he might to keep it quiet, #SAF100 marks another milestone…as SAF Senior Official Brandon Chalmers will be celebrating his 30th birthday that night as well!

How much bigger does the show need to be? And you know you don’t want to make Brandon sad. Make him happy. Get your tickets. Join us on Saturday Night, March 8th live at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s gonna be a night you’ll never forget.

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A Homecoming Needs A King And Queen: Final Two Bouts For #SAF100

Folks, we’ve told you that #SAF100 was going to be our biggest event of all time.

We told you to get your fancy clothes – or costumes – ready.

We told you that you’d see an SAF title bout unlike any other with Brandon J. Carr going for title #2 versus Kelsey “Killer” Wailes. We told you that there’d be one of the craziest tag matches, as the so-called Jager Pilots of the Angry Zen Master and Charm City Shinobi take on the debuting mad monsters of Kaiju Crush.

But to top off our Baltimore Homecoming? We’re gonna let you pick out the king and queen. Both bouts give incredible rookies a once in a lifetime opportunity against some of our finest. And both bouts are sure to be completely memorable.  And when the smoke clears, they’re going to have to dance.

Your last two battles for #SAF100 are….


“The Kommissar of Kindness” Red Erin
 taking on the debuting SAF IDOL 2013 Finalist Lioness Rampant


SAF Tag Team Champion Baron Von Sexyful
 takes on The Dudeler

This will be one of our most ridiculous cards of all time. Count on it.

Don’t get shut out of our biggest party of the year. Seriously. Don’t be a fool – get your tickets RIGHT NOW.

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This Weekend! SAF Returns To NJ For NECRO COMICCON!


For the first time in over three years, Super Art Fight makes way to New Jersey this weekend to be a part of the first ever Voltaire’s Wicked Necro Comiccon in Sommerset, NJ.

In case you’re attending – or planning to attend – we thought we’d share our appearance schedule for the weekend.

Friday, February 21st – 11pm - Super Art Fight UNLEASHED (18+) - Kennedy Room

Saturday, February 22nd – 12 Noon - Getting To Know: Super Art Fight (16+) – Coolidge Room

Saturday, February 22nd – 2pm - Super Art Fight (16+) – Main Stage

See you this weekend, New Jersey!

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Adam WarRock Gives Us A Song!

In one of the coolest honors we’ve ever received in our existence, our pal (and yours) Adam WarRock has created a song all about, well…us!

It’s an incredible honor to have, especially so close to #SAF100, and it may just instantly increase our street cred.

We’ve had the honor and pleasure of performing multiple times alongside Adam over the past few years, and he’s one of the finest independent musicians going today – so if you enjoy the song (and why wouldn’t you?), be sure to go to his site, see him live and pick up his albums.


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[Results] SAF Returns To Katsucon XX!

Folks, we’ve been going to Katsucon for a long time now, but it seems that every year you remind us just how great a show you are.

This year was no different, as we put on two completely jam-packed shows, one of the craziest Unleashed shows of all time, had record merch sales and even raised nearly $700 for charity.  We cannot thank you enough for joining us this weekend. It’s your support that keeps us going, and it’s your support that has helped us grow all the way to #SAF100.

For those that missed out – don’t worry, we’ve got your results, and below, a social media view of how the weekend went down, thanks to our pals at Storify. Enjoy!

Super Art Fight @ Katsucon XX – Saturday, February 15, 2014

BOUT 1: Phil “Commando” Kahn defeated Ghostfreehood
BOUT 2: Team Ninja Stompadon (The Charm City Shinobi & Stompadon) defeated Team Red Booty (El Russo Rojo & Baron Von Sexyful)
BOUT 3: Chris “The Impact” Impink defeated The World (Literally everyone else on the show)

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For those wondering our Katsucon schedule…

We’ve just been given it, so make your notes for this weekend, Katsucon attendees!

Lets keep this quick and dirty, here’s what you need to know if you’re joining us in National Harbor!

Our appearances have been centralized to Saturday, February 15th, so for all things SAF, keep an eye on Saturday.

Saturday, February 15th – 2:30pm - Super Art Fight, Live 2
Saturday, February 15th – 10:30pm – Guests Uncensored, Live 1
Sunday, February 16th – 12am (technically late Saturday) – Super Art Fight UNLEASHED!, Live 1

See you this weekend, Katsucon goers!

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Tag Team Insanity Rocks The Ottobar at #SAF100


As we continue to unroll the card for The Super Art Fight 100 Shows Spectacular: An SAF Homecoming on March 8th, coming at you live from the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland, we wanted to showcase what could be the craziest bout of the night – some unpredictable tag team action.

As the SAF Tag Titles have been locked down by the impressive, erotic duo of Team Sexyfulness, the SAF Championship Committee has given them the evening off (for a defense, at least), so a new generation of competitors can work their way up the ranks and shine.

In turn, two first time duos will be rocking the Ottobar stage in a battle of Pacific Rim proportions.

On one side, you’ll have the all-star duo of Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi and The Charm City Shinobi, Dann Malihom – on the other, something unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in SAF combat.

Returning from the 2013 SAF Idol tournament, the terrifying KROD will make his proper debut, and he’s brought an angry ape alongside him (it?) – MEKONGA. Together they are KAIJU KRUSH, and they want two things: DESTRUCTION and the SAF TAG TEAM TITLES!


Get ready for excitement. Get ready for anything. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

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NEW JERSEY! Here’s Who’s Coming To Necro Comic Con!


In just over one week, we’ll be making our first appearance in the New Jersey area in THREE YEARS, as Super Art Fight heads to Voltaire’s Wicked NecroComicCon in Sommerset, New Jersey, February 21st-23rd.

But you’re probably wondering – WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE THERE?

Worry not, we’ve got a mixture of SAF old and new, ready to hit the stage for you. Here’s who’s making the trip up to the Dirty Jers!

  • Baron Von Sexyful
  • Ghostfreehood
  • KROD!
  • Phil “Commando” Kahn
  • El Russo Rojo
  • Plus, our hosts, Marty Day and Ross Nover, plus SAF Senior Official, Brandon Chalmers!

Get ready for excitement! Get ready for ridiculousness! Get ready for our New Jersey return!

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Coming straight out of Washington, DC, this driving pop-punk trio has been rocking faces since the year 2000, and will be joining us on March 8th at the Ottobar to help properly rock our homecoming centennial!

If you’ve never heard the band before, you’re really missing out – be sure to check out their awesome Bandcamp page (with LOADS of free downloads), so you can learn all the words just in time for their first ever SAF show!

This is a show you will not want to miss – so don’t delay on getting your tickets! Grab them now from MissionTix.com. Don’t make missing #SAF100 a regret you’ll never forget!

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