Super Art Fight IDOL 2015, This SATURDAY, Absolutely FREE!


This Saturday afternoon, Super Art Fight makes its debut at Baltimore’s Windup Space as we proudly present the 4th ever SUPER ART FIGHT IDOL TOURNAMENT!

The 2015 edition of our tryout show is stacked with eight amazing artists, and only ONE will have their hand raised in victory, earning a full-time SAF roster spot.

Past IDOL tournaments have seen the rise of Charm City Shinobi, El Russo Rojo, The Commando and current SAF Champion Red Erin, among others, so you have to wonder, who will be the champions to arise this Saturday?

The show kicks off at 2pm on Saturday, and will feature three rounds of SAF action.

Your lineup:


  • Shoujo-A-Go-Go vs. The Lightning Lesbian
  • Blingo Starchild vs. The Valkyrie
  • Monkah Mouse vs. The Princess of Darkness
  • Mike Donohue vs. De’bra Jessica Vegaz, Long Island Psychic


  • Shoujo/Lightning Winner vs. Blingo/Valkyrie Winner
  • Mouse/Princess Winner vs. Donohue/Vegaz Winner


  • Semi-Final Winner 1 vs. Semi-Final Winner 2

Each bout will be a shortened twenty minutes, and judged by our panel of SAF roster members – Ghostfreehood, Angry Zen Master, and Baron Von Sexyful.

Admission to this show is 100% FREE, and we advise showing up at the beginning to catch ALL of the action, and cheer your favorites on to victory!

If that wasn’t enough, the Super Art Fight merch table will be stocked with tons of clearance merchandise – old shirts, out-of-print show posters, all priced to move! Help us clear out our merch for 2016!

SAF Idol 2015 – Be there THIS SATURDAY at the Windup Space!

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Your NEW SAF Champion

This past Saturday night, Super Art Fight returned to the Ottobar for its first ever SPOOKTACULAR, Halloween Havok 2015!

It was a night of twists, turns, and excitement as BOTH the SAF Title and SAF Tag Titles changed hands. For those who missed it, here are your full results…

BOUT 1: ANGRY SHINOBI (Angry Zen Master/Charm City Shinobi), dressed as Michael Jackson’s, defeated TEAM SEXYFULNESS (Baron and Duchess Von Sexyful), dressed as characters from Labyrinth, to become the NEW Super Art Fight Tag Team Champions.

Angry Shinobi are the 6th Super Art Fight Tag Champions, Team Sexyfulness lose the titles after 932 days (2 years, 6 months, 18 days) as champions

BOUT 2: GHOSTFREEHOOD (dressed as Easy-E) defeated The Gouachebucklers’ CAPTAIN SALSA VERDE (dressed as The Princess Bride’s Dread Pirate Roberts).

-Our resident DJ’s, THE MEGADRIVES, performed a full, featured set between halves!

BOUT 3: The returning STOMPADON (dressed with a Jack O’Lantern head) defeated THE LIONESS (dressed as a Witch).

BOUT 4: RED ERIN (dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo) defeated MISS SCRIBBLE (dressed as Amethyst from Steven Universe) to REGAIN the Super Art Fight Championship

This is Red Erin’s second reign as SAF Champion. Miss Scribble’s reign ends after 43 days.

All eyes are now on to this weekend’s Super Art Fight IDOL 2015, where the FUTURE of Super Art Fight will be revealed, and December’s Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, which will mark Red Erin’s first defense of her regained title. Who will her opponent be? Keep your eyes locked here to find out…

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HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015: Last Minute Info & Details!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s an exciting time here at Super Art Fight, as we are counting down the hours to our first-ever Halloween themed event, HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015, kicking off tomorrow night at The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate and lucky to build an amazing community of fans and friends like yourselves, and our team is working tirelessly up until showtime to ensure you have an amazing night. Costumes are being finished, entrance music is being chosen, sketches are being drawn – everything that makes SAF great is coming together once again at our home base, and we cannot wait to see your cheering faces tomorrow.

As always, we thought we’d give you a few of the particulars for the show, for those looking to get an idea of showtimes and all those pesky last minute details before showtime.
Continue reading

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Yes folks, with Halloween almost here (and Halloween Havok coming even sooner, THIS SATURDAY), it’s time to already talk about the Holiday Season…

And we’re proud to announce the return of last year’s beloved celebration of ALL of the December based holidays…


Coming at you live from The Black Cat in Washington, DC on Friday Night, December 4th, we promise another night of ridiculousness which is bound to be better than the same old Christmas specials on TV.

Tickets are on sale NOW, and if you were wondering what is going to make this special – besides an awesome card – we have a bonus holiday to celebrate this year…

It’s Ross’ 32nd Birthday.

Yeah. It’s time to get stupid as we bring you the FINAL Super Art Fight show of 2015! See you in DC!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just FIVE DAYS away from Super Art Fight Presents HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015, coming at you live from The Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland.

We’ve announced 3 of the 4 bouts here on the site, but we made one a MAILING LIST EXCLUSIVE (you can sign up over there on the right…hint-hint), and we’re proud to announce it now.

Back at Super Art Fight…IN SPACE this past March, the triumphant reign of Stompadon as Super Art Fight Champion came to a brutal end, leading many to wonder if this was the end of the road, a sign of extinction for the beloved creature.

Well, we’re proud to announce STOMPADON HAS RETURNED.

This Saturday night live at the Ottobar, Stompadon is BACK on the Super Art Fight canvas, and is in the sights of a proven warrior.

That’s right, our fierce female warrior queen is looking to put a Stompadon on her mantle, as for the FIRST TIME EVER, it will be…


Folks, if you have been on the fence, this bout HAS to be the one to put you over. Two fan favorites collide in a sure to be incredible bout.

Get your tickets today at – the Standard Ticket for $15, or the VIP Ticket, which includes the SHOW POSTER, for just $20!

See you Saturday night!

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Super Art Stream 38: Estreamed Colleagues (w/ Claire O’Reilly!)


Everyone’s favorite streaming live-drawing goof fest is back, as THIS SUNDAY, October 4th brings back The SUPER ART STREAM!

An enjoyable Sunday evening roundtable of your favorite SAF artists, and a very special guest, log on and watch (and join the fun with #SuperArtFight) as we draw, we laugh, and we get stupid to end the weekend.

This week’s episode: Episode 38: Estreamed Colleagues, featuring returning INTERNATIONAL special guest Claire O’Reilly, coming all the way from Ireland!

It all kicks off at 7pm Eastern. Watch above as it happens, or watch the archive on our YouTube page!

See you Sunday night!

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HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015: Ghostfreehood Marked For PIRATE REVENGE!


Our Richmond, VA debut kicked off with a hell of a showdown, pitting SAF Co-Creator Ghostfreehood against one half of the Gouachebucklers, the First Mate, Dijon Mustarde.

Ghostfreehood had his hand held in victory, setting course for a hell of an evening…but little did he realize he was actually setting course for some PIRATE REVENGE!

On October 17th in Baltimore, Maryland at HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015, the SAF vet will find himself marked, as the other half of the Gouachebucklers is looking to finish what his first mate started. That’s right, it will be…


This has match of the night written all over it. You aren’t going to want to miss out on this one live. GRAB YOUR TICKETS! (Standard, VIP)

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SAF IDOL 2015: Opening Round Pairings Revealed!


While all eyes are on the big Ottobar extravaganza, Halloween Havok 2015, coming up on October 17th, you don’t want to miss out on a glimpse of the future of Super Art Fight, as Super Art Fight IDOL 2015 hits The Windup Space on October 24th!

We’re proud to announce the opening round lineups for the event, where at the end of this eight person, single elimination tournament, one will be announced as the newest, full-time member of the SAF Roster!

SAF IDOL 2015 Opening Round Bouts

  • Shoujo-A-Go-Go vs. The Lightning Lesbian
  • Blingo Starchild vs. The Valkyrie
  • Monika Mouse vs. The Princess of Darkness
  • Mike Donohue vs. De’bra Jessica Vegaz, Long Island Psychic

Come on out on October 24th to the Windup Space in Baltimore, Maryland for an ABSOLUTELY FREE live event, and to see the next generation of SAF arrive!

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HALLOWEEN HAVOK 2015: Sexy vs. Ninjas For Tag Team Gold!


The Super Art Fight Tag division has been a place of regrowth and rebirth lately, with two new duos making their name – ANGRY SHINOBI (the team of Angry Zen Master and Charm City Shinobi) and THE GOUACHEBUCKLERS (the pirate duo of Captain Salsa Verde and First Mate Dijon Mustarde).

But at the top has remained the seemingly undefeatable TEAM SEXYFULNESS (the Duchess and Baron Von Sexyful). Having held the tag titles for a record 1+ year reign, there is seemingly no stopping the fashionable champions. Or is there?

Baron Von Sexyful quickly won – and lost – the Super Art Fight championship earlier this year. Reeling from the loss, he’s focused harder than ever on maintaining his massive ego…so it’s going to be quite the blow when he discovers that next in line is a duo of former tag champions.

Upon choosing the #1 Contender’s for the SAF Tag Titles, the SAF Championship committee decided to go with the team featuring two former tag champions…and on October 17th at the Ottobar in Baltimore, they may hold the belts again. IT WILL BE…

TEAM SEXYFULNESS (Champions) vs. ANGRY SHINOBI (Challengers)

This will be an absolute barn-burner of a tag match. Can Sexyfulness continue their reign, or will the ninja duo sneak their way into tag team gold?

Grab your tickets now. (Standard/VIP)

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Super Art Fight IDOL 2015: Meet The Elite 8!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are incredibly proud and honored to announce the Elite Eight for the 2015 Super Art Fight IDOL Tournament.

On Saturday, October 24th in Baltimore, Maryland, these eight artists will collide in a single-elimination tournament, with the winner gaining a spot on the Super Art Fight roster.

That said – SAF Idol is a place where talent is scouted, and we’ve seen winners and finalists alike become SAF stars.

Among others, 2011 brought us the Charm City Shinobi and El Russo Rojo, 2012 brought us Red Erin and the Commando, and 2013 brought us The Lioness and The Dudeler.

Who, on October 24th will rise to the occasion? Here are your finalists.

  1. Shoujo-A-Go-Go (Jessi Pascal – Ashburn, Virginia)
  2. Monkah Mouse (Monica Amneus – Baltimore, Maryland)
  3. Mike Donohue (Mike Donohue – Rochester, New York)
  4. The Valkyrie (Gloria Ngo – Baltimore, Maryland)
  5. Princess of Darkness (Colleen Parker – Brookeville, Maryland)
  6. The Lightning Lesbian (Sara Neary – Boston, Massachusetts)
  7. De’bra Jessica Vegaz, Long Island Psychic (Marie Condenzio – Baltimore, Maryland)
  8. Blingo Starchild (Conor Nolan – Brooklyn, New York)

To see these artists collide and see who rises to the occassion is absolutely FREE. Super Art Fight IDOL 2015 will be held for the first time at the Windup Space, in Baltimore, Maryland, starting at 2pm. Come on out and see the next generation of talent arrive!

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