Super Art Stream 44: Special Stream Cannon


The SUPER ART STREAM returns to the Internet airwaves THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, January 10th for its first edition of 2016!

What’s the SUPER ART STREAM? Why, it’s the finest streaming online hangout and art jam featuring the jerks that make Super Art Fight so Super Art Fighty!

This Sunday’s edition – Episode 44: Special Stream Cannon can be watched live below, and will be FOREVER archived on our YouTube page, alongside every prior episode!

Join us this Sunday night at 7pm EASTERN, and join the fun on Twitter, using #SuperArtFight!

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Our 2016 Season Openers: REVEALED!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce our first two live events of 2016!

The 2016 season will be a unique one, with many new faces joining the ranks after SAF Idol 2015, and many veteran talents reinventing themselves with new goals (and even new personas!) to take on the tide of new talent. This means new matchups, rejuvenated rivalries, and most of all: amazing shows for the best fans in the world – YOU, the SAF Army!

So…what shows are we playing?

Here at Super Art Fight, we get the honor and pleasure of playing many amazing conventions, but these two have been with us since the beginning, and we’re happy to start our 2016 season with these two shows…



Friday, February 12-Sunday, February 14, 2016

Super Art Fight was born at Katsucon, and we intend to celebrate eight years of insane live art competition with our return to one of the best anime conventions in the whole world!


MAGFest 2016

Thursday, February 18-Sunday, February 21, 2016

MAGFest is another show we have a lengthy history with, having grown from playing the hallways guerrilla style, to having an incredibly dedicated following within the best damn gaming and music show around – so much so, they even bring us along for MAGClassic in the Fall!

BOTH shows are emanating live at the Gaylord National Hotel in beautiful National Harbor, Maryland, so get ready to spend a CONSIDERABLE amount of your February with us! Grab your Katsucon passes here, your MAGFest passes here, and we’ll see you next month as we kick off our 2016 season!

Keep it locked into as we announce the rosters – and cards – for these senses shattering events as the shows get closer!

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SUPER ART STREAM 43: Streams to an End

This Sunday, your favorite artists in the known universe return to their natural habitat – THE INTERNET – for the latest episode of the best streaming art program in the world, THE SUPER ART STREAM.

Hitting the web at 7pm Eastern, for our final edition of 2015, we bring you EPISODE 43: Streams To An End.

You can watch it live below as it happens, or keep an eye on our YouTube page to see the final version after it airs.

See you on Sunday!

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HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: Last Minute Show Details & Info!


Tomorrow night, it all goes down in Washington DC as we return to the legendary Black Cat for our SECOND ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR!

We’ve been hyping this holiday celebration for months now, and we are ready to wrap up our 2015 season with an intense show featuring SAF Roster members beloved and new. You’re not going to want to miss this. But, as always, we love to wrap up some last minute details.


We’ll be bringing you 4 amazing art fights, including a defense of the Super Art Fight Championship. The doors will open at 9pm, with the show starting promptly at 10pm.

Screenshot 2015-12-02 22.18.01

What’s on the card? Let us share our awesome playbill, which you’ll be able to snag for free from our merch table.

Rad show, right?


Tickets remain on-sale at through early tomorrow afternoon. Remaining tickets will be available at the door, for $15. The show is all-ages.

We recommend getting to the show early to scope out an awesome view of the action!


As always, for any last minute questions or concerns, tweet at us, @SuperArtFight. We’d be glad to help.


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In the wake of Super Art Fight’s Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, your favorite group of artistic jerks gathers again on the internet for a brand new edition of the SUPER ART STREAM!

In this episode, EPISODE 42: KA-STREAM ABDUL-JABBAR, join Super Art Fight live for a fun, Sunday night hangout as they draw topics from the WHEEL OF DEATH, make fun of each other, and generally have a great time – and you’re invited!

It hits the web at 7pm Eastern THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, December 6th. You can watch it live below, or on our YouTube page (where it will be forever archived!)

Join the fun live, it’s the SUPER ART STREAM!

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HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: Destructo Dome vs. Sexyful – IN COMIC FORM?!


One of the dark horse “bout of the night” candidates for this Friday’s show at the Black Cat in Washington DC (also known as SUPER ART FIGHT’S Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular) is the showdown between Baron Von Sexyful and Doctor Destructo Dome.

We told you at the time that this bout was a must-win for both competitors, and both artists are ready to showdown on the stage…but before that, they battled in COMIC form.

Published on their respective social media pages, and collected for the first time below, we give you the comic book prologue of Friday night’s bout:

Click to Enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

Want to see how it ends? Join us live. Tickets are still available.

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HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: A Special Pre-Order Offer!


As the days pass by and we get EVER CLOSER to our final show of 2015, Super Art Fight’s Second Annual Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, we’re proud to celebrate the season by offering you – our amazing fans – a special holiday offer.

For everyone who purchases a ticket in advance (which you can do right now, via, you get a special offer – the show poster is yours for just FIVE BUCKS. Yes. $5. No more, no less.

Our show posters are one of the coolest items you can get for any Super Art Fight event, and we wanted to give something a little special for the folks who pick up their tickets in advance.

How does it work? At the show, just head to the merch table, and show them your email receipt for buying your tickets in advance. After that, you can get a show poster (as designed by Alex Kazanas, who you may know better as The Dudeler or Captain Salsa Verde) for $5 (normally $10).

It’s the reason for the season, giving back and giving you something special. Grab your ticket for our Black Cat return today, and we will see you live and in person on December 4!

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Super Art Stream 41: Jimmy Stream Sausages


This Sunday Night, November 22, Super Art Fight returns to the internet with the latest episode of everyone’s favorite streaming live art bullshit fest….THE SUPER ART STREAM

In this edition, EPISODE 41: Jimmy Stream Sausages, a mixture of your favorite Super Art Fight artists (and host, referee Brandon Chalmers) are joined by awesome comickers Chris & Gin!

The fun kicks off LIVE – ON THE INTERNET! – at 7pm Eastern time, and will forever be archived in our always awesome YouTube page. You can even watch it on the embedded player below.

Join us this Sunday for more SAF awesomeness, as we bring you the historic FORTY FIRST episode of the Super Art Stream!

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The week of announcements for SUPER ART FIGHT’S SECOND ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL SPECTACULAR comes to an end today, as we look at our fourth and final bout scheduled for Friday, December 4th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

It wouldn’t be a celebration proper without some exciting Super Art Fight tag team action today, and we’re promising an amazing match featuring one of our tag division’s hottest duos, squaring off with a brand new duo.

One team is a combination of ruthless pirates, looking to build their name on the way to SAF Tag Team GOLD. On the other, two relentless lady warriors, ready to put markers on the canvas and leave their enemies ruined in their wake.

You won’t be prepared for…

THE GOUACHEBUCKLERS (Captain Salsa Verde & First Mate Dijon Mustarde) vs. THE LIONESS & THE VALKYRIE

This bout will be INTENSE, and will be sure to go the distance in the nation’s capital.

There’s only one way to experience this tag team battle – live and in person. Don’t get locked out – NAB YOUR TICKETS EARLY.

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HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2015: Sexy Doctor Time!


The week of announcements for SUPER ART FIGHT’S SECOND ANNUAL NON-DENOMINATIONAL SPECTACULAR continue on, as we look at our third of four bouts scheduled for Friday, December 4th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

Coming off of losses of his Super Art Fight Championship and SAF Tag Titles back to back, it’s easy to say that the Baron needs to get his groove back. But at the same time – it’s a long way to the top, from the bottom.

On December 4th, the Sultan of Sexyfulness will have quite the challenge ahead of him…the challenge of a MAD SCIENTIST, as in a first time EVER bout, colliding in DC, you will see…


Can the Baron get back on the winning side? Or will the Bad Doctor get a MAJOR singles victory? This is sure to set the SAF Singles Rankings ablaze, and you the audience get to pick the victor!

Want to see these titans collide? You know what to do – grab your tickets in advance.

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