The Super Art Stream Returns On Sunday with Special Guest, Annie Stoll!


As you recover from the awesomeness that will be Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular on Saturday, this Sunday Night, December 7th, we have another live edition of the Super Art Stream!

Episode 19, “Stream The Impossible Stream” will feature special guest Annie Stoll, co-creator of the webcomic Ode, and an amazing illustrator who has done work for Lucasfilm and Sony Music, among others. Annie actually joined us on stage for the first time this past summer at Connecticon 2014, so it’ll be a blast having her as a part of our bi-weekly live stream.

The stream hits YouTube LIVE at 7pm Eastern, and will be archived for watching, RIGHT HERE! Join us and end your weekend right.

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The Super Art Stream Returns This Sunday, As Part Of #ComfyCon!


That’s right folks, our always awesome, LIVE (on the Internet) goof-fest known as the Super Art Stream returns THIS Sunday Night, November 23rd at 7pm Eastern.

This edition is special, as it’s an official part of ComfyCon, the completely Online mini-convention!

In turn, joining us for this special edition will be the creator of Something Positive himself, Randy Mulholland!

You can sign up now to watch the Super Art Stream LIVE on Google+, or check it out here, when it goes on YouTube!

See you Sunday night, Internet!

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Collecting For Toys For Tots, At Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular!

Toys For Tots Logo

Folks, as we get toward the end of the year, we at Super Art Fight realize we’re quite lucky. We get to go all around the country, doing our stupid yet incredibly fun live show.

But not everyone is so lucky – and we want to help bring some of the joy of the holiday spirit to those who are struggling.

In turn, we’re proud to announce that on December 6th, at Washington, DC’s Black Cat, for Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, we’ll be collecting toys for Toys For Tots.

We know that you, the SAF Army, are a great group of people, and probably wish to do great things for others, so we hope you’ll join us in doing good for others this holiday season.

All we request is that you donate a new, unwrapped toy for children, from newborn to 17 years of age – we’ll have a drop off spot at the venue, and we’ll be sure to deliver it to Toys For Tots.

Let’s do something special. Donate to Toys For Tots with us on December 6th.

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Spread The Holiday Joy! FEED THE WHEEL OF DEATH (End of 2014 Edition)


Well, folks, we’re just about two weeks away from Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular and with Turkey Day almost here, we at SAF are still in a giving mood.

We let you help us pick out the card, and you did an amazing job, as we think it’s one of the coolest lineups we’ve ever had.

But we want to give you a little more…


That’s right, we’re opening up the insatiable maw of everyone’s favorite demonic drawing muse, the Wheel of Death to add some extra topics just in time for our December 6th DC return!

Have something stupid you want our artists to draw? AWESOME! Sound off in the comments about it.

Remember, as always, brevity is key – the less you write, the better a topic it is. Our artists can do a lot more with “Fish Tank” then they can “Sherlock Fights Doctor Who And Supernatural Shows Up With Grumpy Cat And They’re All On Fire”.

Comments will remain open until Wednesday, December 3rd. Sounds like the perfect family activity while you’re recovering from Thanksgiving dinner, right?

Be sure to join us on December 6th at the Black Cat to see which of your topics make it to the canvas! Tickets are on sale NOW!

All suggestions become the property of Super Art Fight, LLC for use in live events and future reproductions.
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BEHOLD! The Card For SAF’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular!


You spoke. You voted. And you were heard loud and clear.

And after tabulating the votes, after much discussion and deliberation, and finding the perfect mix, we’re proud to announce the card for Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular, live in Washington DC at the Black Cat on Saturday Night, December 6th.

Now – deciding the final card was difficult, trying to find the right mix of high voted bouts, most requested talent, and pulling together from the unique ideas that you, the SAF Army suggested. We think this might be one of the most unique cards we’ve ever done, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

El Russo Rojo vs. Lioness Rampant

If there’s any questions about the SAF 2013 Class, they have been answered here, as the most voted for bout went to two beloved SAF roster members, even if they’re relative rookies on the roster. The lonely luchadore looking for love, El Russo Rojo will wrap up his 2014 in a first-time match against the in-your-face lady knight, Lioness Rampant. Lioness is coming off of an amazing victory at the Ottobar against SAF co-creator Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi, and looks to take down the masked Rojo in her DC debut. Consider your votes heard loud and clear, fans.

KROD! vs. Doctor Destructo Dome

Another highly voted bout, this first time one-on-one match up places two natural enemies on opposite sides of the canvas. On one side you have the giant monster hating Doctor Destructo Dome, looking to bounce back from a loss to SAF Champion (and Giant Monster) Stompadon. On the other, one half of Team KAIJU KRUSH, KROD! Krod is coming off of a big victory over Captain Humor (Caldwell Tanner) at our Brooklyn debut earlier this month. Could continue his reign of destruction?!

The Dudeler vs. Red Erin

In another first-time match up, the most laid back competitor in SAF battles one of the friendliest. While that may not make for much conflict on paper, SAF fans know that The Dudeler and Red Erin are two of the most deciptively intense art fighters, and will bring the pain to the paper in Washington, DC!

Baron Von Sexyful & Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi vs. The Markermancer & Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin

In lucha, they call it a Parejas Increibles. As you suggested it in voting, it’s sometimes called a Battlebowl. Two teams, neither of which have tagged before…and may never tag again. What happens when you take four incredible SAF personalities and throw them together on one canvas? We expect absolute electricity. On one side, two SAF icons. On the other, two SAF artists looking to reestablish themselves in front of one of our wildest crowds. This one could steal the show, folks!

As always, the show will be hosted by Marty Day and Ross Nover, we’ve got the Megadrives in the DJ booth, and Jounce will bring the tunes as our special musical guest.

Join us for our first ever holiday extravaganza. Bring the whole family, no matter what they celebrate! It’s Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular. Grab your tickets TODAY!

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Let Ross and Marty Tell You All About Our December 6th Black Cat Return!

Ross and Marty are joined by Referee Brandon and Baron Von Sexyful as they tell you all about our upcoming Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular on December 6th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC.

Grab your tickets here!

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Welcome JOUNCE to our December 6th DC Holiday Show!


Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular just got bigger folks.

To add to our holiday cheer and goodwill towards men, women and robots, we at Super Art Fight wanted to bring you a special musical guest. One we thought you’d be sure to love. One with special ties to the Super Art Fight locker room.

Ladies and Gentlemen, joining us on December 6th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, we welcome…


Not familiar? Don’t worry. Maybe their bio should help…

Jounce is an East to West Coast band centered in Brooklyn, NY. An ever evolving post punk and 90′s rock hybrid. A product of a well defined generation only re-imagined. Nearly impossible to describe but easily digested. Danny and Matt have been friends since childhood, even through Dan’s bi-coastal lifestyle while he was Nickelodeon’s “Little Pete.” We like to think Pete Wrigley would dig the Jounce.

Yeah, it’s gonna be like that, kids. Check out their official website, and grab tickets in advance TODAY!

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The Super Art Stream returns THIS SUNDAY, with Special Guest Caitlin Rose Boyle!


The Super Art Stream returns live on the Interweb THIS SUNDAY, November 9th at 7pm Eastern.

Joining our fun, laid back sketching hang-out with the Super Art Fight roster will be guest artist Caitlin Rose Boyle.

Streaming live as a Google Hangout, then appearing on our YouTube page immediately after airing, get ready for a fun end to your weekend as we bring you Super Art Stream 17: There Are No Streams On Me.

See you on Sunday!

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The Gift Of Giving: Help Pick Our DECEMBER 6 DC Card!


Coming up on Saturday Night, December 6th, we at Super Art Fight return to the Black Cat (upstairs) in Washington, DC for a very special holiday event we call Super Art Fight’s Non-Denominational Holiday Spectacular.

We have a lot of very cool things planned for our 2014 Season Finale (our first ever Holiday show, no less!), but the biggest thing is this – we wanted to give back to you – the fans!

2014 has been a tremendous year for us – we launched a Podcast. We launched a Web Show (more on that soon). We launched a bi-weekly streaming event. We’ve been to new cities. We hit 100 shows. We saw more of you than ever before.

So, on December 6th, we want to give you exactly what YOU want

…by letting you, our fans, help decide the card!

Below, you will find a list of 16 Super Art Fight roster members who have committed their availability to the date. We want YOU (yes, YOU!) to give us two one on one bouts you wish to see from the artists available.

You can post multiple times, we’ll tally it up, and whatever bouts get the most votes will be considered to be on the final card. We’ll let you keep voting through Next Friday, November 7th.  (Coincidentally, tickets for the show go on sale THIS Friday, October 31st.)

Here’s the list!

  1. Baron Von Sexyful
  2. Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  3. KROD!
  4. El Russo Rojo
  5. Red Erin
  6. The Commando
  7. MeKonga
  8. Mecha IMPACT
  9. The Dudeler
  10. The Markermancer
  11. “The Nicest Man in Art Fight” Brandon J. Carr
  12. Lioness Rampant
  13. Darl “Apocaylpse” Gnau
  14. Jamie “Brawlin'” Baldwin
  15. Doctor Destructo Dome
  16. Duchess Von Sexyful

Happy voting!

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Ready to see a bunch of jerks draw and make fun of each other this Sunday night?

Perfect! Mark your calendars for the latest edition of the Super Art Stream, our fun, (mostly) bi-weekly live stream where Super Art Fight roster members and other amazing artists do impromptu sketches from the WHEEL OF DEATH and mock each other – FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT!

The latest edition kicks off this Sunday night, October 26th at 7pm Eastern, and features special guest Caldwell Tanner from!

When it goes live on Sunday night, you can catch it here, or, watch it as soon as it finishes airing on our awesome YouTube page!

Send off your weekend right, send it off with your pals at Super Art Fight!

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