The Commando Will Feel The Impact, June 27th in DC!


With less than two weeks to go until Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s on Saturday, June 27th in Washington, DC, the excitement in the Super Art Fight locker room is at an all time high.

And with excitement, forms tension. And with tension, come challenges.

What challenge exactly? Back at MAGFest 8.5, SAF fans were delighted to see a battle of a returning veteran with one of our loudest upstarts. The battle went to the wire, and fans had a hard time deciding a victor.

Neither artist has forgotten, and at the Black Cat two incredible artists will collide once again to see who measures up.

It will be..


Will the Commando strike First Blood? Or will Mecha Impact Terminate the competition? Join us live and find out. Tickets are available now and going fast!

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Take a look at your calendars! It’s less than a month until Super Art Fight takes you back in time at SUPER ART FIGHT GOES TOTALLY 80s! And you know what that means…


So how do you submit? It’s easy – just reply to this post and shoot off some ideas.

As always, however, brevity is key. Topics like “Fish tank” are great, as our artists could turn the canvas into an aquarium, or draw a pissed-off fish ready for battle. However, something like “Batman punching an elephant who is on fire which is also on top of a building which is a robot” not only makes little sense, it’s also very long and very restrictive. Either way, we’ll go through the whole list, prune the great ones and make us a brand new wheel!

Of course, as mentioned above, the first show you’ll see this wheel in use is Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s at the Black Cat in Washington, DC on Saturday, June 27th, which you should TOTALLY buy tickets for here.

This suggestion post will be open through Wednesday, June 24th, so get to writing!

As always, all submissions become the right of Super Art Fight LLC for use in live events and any possible reproductions.
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Miss Scribble Sets Her Sights On The Black Cat, June 27th!


Hello Class!


Because that’s what Super Art Fight’s resident substitute teacher, Miss Scribble has planned for one special SAF competitor on June 27th in Washington DC.

As we return to the Black Cat for the time-traveling extravaganza Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s, it’s time for Miss Scribble to relive some memories of her own, and return to an old rivalry – one that lead to some of the greatest SAF title matches ever seen, as she goes face-to-face with one of the co-creators of Super Art Fight, a lean mean drawing machine fueled by the finest hair metal the 80s could provide.

That’s right – in our second announced bout of the night, it will be…


Have your permission slips ready and grab your tickets in advance, this is not a bout to miss!

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Super Art Stream Episode 30: Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Stream


The Super Art Stream returns THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, May 17th at a special EARLY time of 6pm Eastern!

You can watch the episode live as it happens on our YouTube page, or via the player below!

Joining our rotating batch of SAF Roster members this week is Jasmine Pinales! We’ll be bringing your normal mixture of internet buffoonery, WHEEL OF DEATH topics, and so much more!

See you on Sunday!

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Super Art Fight RETURNS For AWESOME CON 2015!


For the third year running, Super Art Fight is proud to announce it is returning to Awesome Con, Washington DC’s largest and coolest pop-culture convention!

We’ve been a part of the show since its inception in 2013, seeing it grow from a 7,000 attendee show to a 40,000+ attendee behemoth, and we’ll be a part of the 2015 edition coming up Friday, May 29th-Sunday, May 31st at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Passes are still available for pre-registration today (and from what we understand, are going fast), and we’ve got a full weekend of SAF action planned for you.

Super Art Fight UNLEASHED, our insane 18+ event, will be making its Awesome Con debut on Friday night, May 29 at 10pm in Room 152, with Super Art Fight proper going down on Saturday afternoon, May 30 at 12:45pm, also in Room 152.

Scheduled to appear on both shows:

  • Super Art Fight Champion Baron Von Sexyful
  • Doctor Destructo Dome
  • The Dudeler
  • Charm City Shinobi
  • El Russo Rojo
  • Kelsey “Killer” Wailes

Hosting the weekends shows will be Ross Nover and – returning to the commentary side – SAF Referee Brandon Chalmers, as our own Marty Day will be getting married!

Join all the fun in the Nation’s Capital – come out and say Hi, May 29th through the 31st in Washington, DC at Awesome Con 2015. Grab your passes before its too late!

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Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s Has a TUBULAR Main Event!


The countdown is officially on, as Super Art Fight gets ready to return to Washington, DC on June 27th with a blast from the past, as Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s!

The SAF Championship committee is working hard and fast to put together an amazing event card sure to please fans new and old alike, but coming out of Super Art Fight…IN SPACE this past March in Baltimore, the main event is clear, and we’re ready to announce it now.

Between being the #SAF100 king and queen, squaring off in the Super Art Fight Online Invitational semi-finals, and now finding themselves on opposite corners of a Super Art Fight title championship bout, it’s safe to say these competitors fates have been intertwined.

One is known for her crimson fury. The other? The tightest, reddest pants in Super Art Fight.

One – a kommisar of kindness. The other – wants to give you an all-over body hug.

On June 27th, they clash. Your main event for Super Art Fight Goes TOTALLY 80s is…

Super Art Fight Championship Match
Baron Von Sexyful (Champion) vs. Red Erin (Challenger)

This is going to be a must see match. Relive their Online battle here, and grab tickets today to see it live at the Black Cat this June!

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Super Art Stream Episode 29, Sunday, May 3rd! (Special Guest: Jessi Pascal)


The Super Art Stream returns THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, May 3rd at 7pm Eastern!

You can watch the episode live as it happens on our YouTube page, or via the player below!

Joining our rotating batch of SAF Roster members this week is Jessi Pascal of Geeks Next Door! We’ll be bringing your normal mixture of internet buffoonery, WHEEL OF DEATH topics, and probably tons of Avengers spoilers!

See you on Sunday!

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Celebrate Free Comic Book Day With Super Art Fight!


On Saturday, May 2nd Super Art Fight is proud to be celebrating the coolest geek holiday there is, Free Comic Book Day!

We’ll once again be joining our pals at Collectors Corner in Baltimore, Maryland for their FCBD extravaganza, and we’ll be performing at 1pm.

Appearing as a part of the show are…
Super Art Fight Champion Baron Von Sexyful
Miss Scribble
The Lioness
El Russo Rojo
Red Erin
– And your Super Art Fight hosts, Marty Day and Ross Nover

Collectors Corner is located at 7911 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234.

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Your Votes Are In, Will There Be An UNLEASHED?!


The votes have been tallied. The people have spoken. And a decision has been made.

First and foremost, let us say that we were really pleased with the enthusiastic response to a stand-alone Super Art Fight UNLEASHED live event. Since that show has been a special attraction at different conventions, we weren’t sure if it’d fly on its own.

We were pleased to see a whopping 99 Percent of you were interested in us doing a stand-alone SAF UNLEASHED event. That said, it seems that you weren’t all too pleased with the selection of a July 4th date, with only 63 Percent of the vote being OK with that date. Maybe it’s too close to the holiday, maybe you all have awesome plans – whatever the reason, as a small, independent organization self-financing live events, the margin was too wide.

So, here’s what we’re ready to announce today. We’re working with our intended venue to find another date to hold a proper Super Art Fight UNLEASHED live event. There WILL be a full-on SAF Unleashed event, and we will have it this year.

Thank you all so much for your votes, and stay tuned to as we work towards this first-ever, absolutely insane live event.

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Super Art Fight UNLEASHED: We Want YOUR Vote


Hey there Super Art Fight Army. We’ve got some VERY, VERY important questions to ask you.

If you’re in Baltimore – or willing to come to Baltimore – we want your ears.

Since 2010, we’ve been proud to produce a series of shows spoken about in hushed tones.

Taking the standard Super Art Fight format and pushing it to its most insane, most grotesque, and most adult limits, Super Art Fight UNLEASHED has grown in audience size and infamy.

And now, we want to bring it to a live venue in our hometown in Baltimore, Maryland as a proper, produced, live event at a small, intimate venue.

This show will be 18+, this show will have our standard UNLEASHED restriction of no photos and no videos and will be an evening that you will NEVER FORGET. Trust us, the best therapists in the world have tried.

Heck, we’ll step it up – instead of bands between bouts? How does the return of burlesque to Super Art Fight sound?

When are we considering doing this show? Looking at our calendar, one weekend stands out. A weekend where we celebrate our freedom of speech and the ability to create some of the most surreal filth in one of the greatest countries in the world.




Are. You. IN?!

Would you like to see a stand-alone SUPER ART FIGHT UNLEASHED Live Event?

  • Yes (99%, 90 Votes)
  • No (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 91

Loading ... Loading ...


  • Yes (63%, 53 Votes)
  • No (37%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 84

Loading ... Loading ...

Please answer the poll questions above with your honest thoughts. This really will make or break this show. If there aren’t enough people interested in a standalone UNLEASHED event, we will not put it on. If there aren’t enough people OK with the July 4th date, we’ll hold onto this for another day.

The poll will remain open until 12:00am Eastern on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Make it happen.

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