A Lion Battles a Master: Bout 2 Signed For Our Baltimore Return!


Since his return to the Super Art Fight canvas, SAF Co-Founder and leader of Team IMPACT, Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi has had one goal – stop the uprising of the new generation of art fighting talent.

In turn, he’s taking on any and all comers.

On September 20th live at the Ottobar, one young upstart wants to make her name against the person who put art fighting on the map. After a fantastic showing versus Red Erin at #SAF100, the very vocal lady knight wants to erase that goose-egg in her win column, and what more impressive way than by taking out a legend?

Get ready for anything when it’s…

Lioness Rampant
Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi

This has fight of the night written ALL OVER IT! You know you want to be a part of the fun, and send off Summer right, with the jerks at Super Art Fight, so get your tickets now!

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Tag Title Action in Charm City: Team Sexyfulness vs. Team America, Live At The Ottobar


The Super Art Fight End of Summer Beach Bash fast approaching at Baltimore, Maryland‘s Ottobar, so now it’s time to start revealing this packed card.

Every single bout has been picked specifically to deliver a big time show at our home venue in front of our wildest fans.

So it’s with that we start with some Super Art Fight Tag Team Title Action.

Super Art Fight Tag Champions Team Sexyfulness started on the less than beloved side of the crowds favor, but with a one year reign as Champions, they’ve never been more popular than they are now. Hell, their shirts keep selling out at our live shows!

On the otherside, you have two young upstarts, who couldn’t be more different, who couldn’t be more on opposite sides of the spectrum – yet they make the magic happen when they team on the canvas.

With Team America (The Dudeler and the Commando) winning in triumphant fashion last May at the Black Cat in Washington DC, the time to take their title shot is now.

On September 20th, it will be…

Super Art Fight Tag Team Championship
Team Sexyfulness - Champions
defending against
Team America  - Challengers

This is going to be one of the craziest matches of the night. Get ready Charm City – the Ottobar’s never going to be the same again.

Tickets are on sale NOW, at MissionTix.com – just $15. Join us live for this major, all ages event!

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September 20th Ottobar Poster Revealed!


If you’ve been wanting to tell the masses about our big Ottobar show coming up on September 20th at The Ottobar, the time is here!

Our awesome new poster for the show is ready for all to see, with beautiful cartooning by Alex Kazanas and typography by Ross Nover, you’ll be ready for our End of Summer Beach Bash within moments of taking this poster in.

This of course means it’s time to start announcing bouts…and we will. Monday morning.

Want a copy of this amazing, limited edition poster? It will be available, signed by our artists at the show!

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The Super Art Stream RETURNS this Sunday, at 7pm!


Back from our back-to-back tours of Los Angeles and Hartford, the Super Art Stream returns to your internets this Sunday night, July 27th at 7pm.

You can check it out here when it goes live!

If you’ve never seen our Super Art Streams before, it’s a chill, laid back fun time as our artists draw topics from the Wheel of Death, and also give each other a LOT of grief in the process.

Join us this Sunday for all the fun – or, if you miss it, don’t worry, it’s immediately archived on our YouTube page!

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Super Art Fight Voted Best of Baltimore, 2014!


So, this is pretty damn cool.

The magazine doesn’t hit shelves until this Friday, July 25th, but subscribers started to get their copies this week, so we feel like we can talk about it.

Thanks to you, our incredible fan base who have supported us for over 6 years and 100+ shows, we have been voted Best of Baltimore, Reader’s Choice, 2014 in this year’s Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore, in the category Best Play or Performance. Check it out. That’s right, SUCK IT, The Book of Mormon!


We cannot thank you enough for voting us in. We are incredibly thankful and honored, and we look forward to showing you how thankful we are, as we return to our homebase in Baltimore, Maryland, the Ottobar on September 20th, 2014. Tickets are – of course – on sale now.

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Super Art Fight Podcast Episode 08 – LIVE From ConnectiCon 2014!

Recorded in front of TENS of people at ConnectiCon 2014, its a LIVE episode of the Super Art Fight Podcast.

Join Marty, Ross, Brandon, Mikey, Dann, Phil, Alex, and Rob as they take live audience questions and try to remain entertaining in a panel room.

ALSO! There’s surprise BONUS audio. Leave the gun. Take the podcast.

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Your Roster for Our 9/20 Ottobar Return!

On Saturday Night, September 20th, we at Super Art Fight PROUDLY return to our Baltimore, Maryland home at the Ottobar for Super Art Fight’s End of Summer Beach Bash.

We’re very excited for this event, and have a lot of fun planned for the show.  In the meantime, however, we wanted you to start getting excited by announcing the roster for this amazing evening of entertainment.

Appearing on September 20th will be…

  • Super Art Fight Champion Stompadon
  • Super Art Fight Tag Team Champions Team Sexyfulness (Baron & Dutchess Von Sexyful)
  • Jamie “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • Doctor Destructo-Dome
  • Lioness Rampant
  • El Russo Rojo
  • Charm City Shinobi
  • The Dudeler
  • The Commando
  • Silent Apocalypse (Darl “Apocalypse” Gnau & Bryan “Silent But Violent” Prindiville)

Pretty awesome, right? Well, if you want to confirm that you’ll be joining us, pick up your tickets today at MissionTix.com, just $15, and you can RSVP over on our Facebook page!

See you for a summer send off to end all send offs, Baltimore!

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ConnectiCon 2014 Recap: Ross Doesn’t Suck

Photo Courtesy of Allison Hill

Photo Courtesy of Allison Hill

Since 2009, ConnectiCon has been a premiere event for us here at Super Art Fight, and this year had to go down as one of the best.

With a major live event Friday night, podcast recording on Saturday, and the unspeakable Unleashed card on Saturday night, it was a whirlwind of a weekend, and a TOTAL blast.

Now, for the important part – the results of Friday night’s card, which some of you watched STREAMING LIVE…

BOUT 1: El Russo Rojo & Charm City Shinobi defeated The Dudeler & The Commando

We knew that bringing this tag team feud north would produce a good match, but these two proved why they are two of the top tag teams in SAF today. Now tied 1-1 in their series, it will be interesting to see who can win the rubber match, whenever it occurs. You have to believe that if the Dudeler and the Commando cash in for their tag team title shot…and win, Rojo and Shinobi want a shot at the gold.

BOUT 2: Annie Stoll defeated Baron Von Sexyful

Annie, a first-timer to the SAF canvas, made her way to the greatest art competition in the known universe after a long wait, having been accepted to, but having had to back out from, the 2011 SAF Idol tournament. Never the less, the creator of Ode had an amazing debut, ultimately defeating SAF Vet and Fan Favorite, Baron Von Sexyful.

BOUT 3: Ross Nover defeated Garth Graham

We promised a hell of a surprise in your main event, and sure enough, after six years of waiting, SAF Co-Host Ross Nover took the stage, battling returning former SAF Champion Garth Graham. It was a hard fought bout for both (one new to the canvas, the other working off canvas rust), but in the end, Ross gained the victory…and apparently intends to retire undefeated.

All and all, it was an amazing show, and we’re already thinking about what we would do if/when we return for CTCon 2015.

Sounds like a great time, right? Well, lets see what you…and we…had to say. IT’S STORIFY TIME, YOU GUYS!

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Can’t Make It Out To ConnectiCon? STREAM IT.


The fine people at ConnectiCon are doing an awesome first this year…

…they’re streaming select panels and events LIVE TO THE INTERNET, via Azubu!

This will include our MAIN EVENTS SHOW, Friday Night at 6pm Eastern, plus our live recording of SUPER ART FIGHT: THE PODCAST, Saturday at 2:30pm.

While nothing is airing live just yet, from what we understand, you’ll be able to view everything here: http://www.azubu.tv/connecticon-events

We’ll update on Twitter/Facebook if/when the streaming page changes.

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Everywhere We’ll Be THIS WEEKEND at ConnectiCon 2014!


This weekend, we return to Hartford, Connecticut for the 2014 edition of ConnectiCon.

ConnectiCon is one of our favorite conventions every year, having been a part of it since our fire-marshall angering debut back in 2009. We’ve seen SAF at its best at this show, and we’re proud to announce that this year, we intend to do more of the same.

SO – Where can you see SAF this weekend? Here are our three big events.

Friday, July 11th, SUPER ART FIGHT (All Ages)
– Main Events

Simply put, it’s the show that brought us to the dance.  Tackling the canvas, we’ll have the following bouts:
– Baron Von Sexyful battling the debuting Annie Stoll
– The Tag Team War heads north, as The Dudeler & The Commando square off against The Charm City Shinobi & El Russo Rojo!
– Former SAF Champion Garth Graham returns to the canvas to take on an artist we’ve been waiting to see in an Art Fight for SIX YEARS.

– Panel 1

Our podcast has been going pretty strong since we introduced it back in January, and we’re going to attempt to record our first ever live episode, provided the recording equipment works out! Join us as we tell stories of ConnectiCon’s past and present, and open the floor to you, our dear fans, for a no-holds-barred Q&A session!

Saturday, July 13th – Super Art Fight UNLEASHED (18+)
– Panel 1

Spoken of in hushed tones from convention to convention, no photos or video are allowed, but ANYTHING GOES ON THE CANVAS. You will remember this for ages to come. Be ready to bleach your eyeballs!

Besides that, we’ll be hanging out in the Online Media Guests Hall all weekend, and generally, being the lovable jerks you know as Super Art Fight.

See you in a few days, New England!

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