Official 9.20.08 Topic Suggestion Post!

As time clicks closer to SuperArtFight!: Round One, rocking your face on September 20th, it’s time to get you, the fans, involved.

And what better way than getting you directly involved in our Main Event?

When it comes to the Main Event slot at SuperArtFight, it’s about more than artistic talent. It’s about more than drive. It’s about overcoming the odds.

Why, pray tell?  Main Event Art Fights run under different rules.

How different?  Allow me to demonstrate.

Standard Art Fights run 30 minutes, with a predetermined topic for both artists, with the audience judging the winner.

To prove you’re worthy of the top spot in SuperArtFight, you’ve not only got to deal with a 10 minute free draw period (which is with a predetermined topic, to be revealed here leading to September 20th), but new topics for EACH artist, coming every 10 minutes.

One 10 minute free draw period…plus five 10 minute period where the artists have to draw topics suggested by you…equals the toughest hour in artistic combat.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Suggest topics (like say “Batman”, or “Robots”, or “A Monster in a sweater”) in the comments for this post, we’ll tally them all up the day of the show, and those who’s topics get chosen, we’ll send you some sweet swag (so don’t forget to leave a contact e-mail!)

SuperArtFight…we do it for YOU.

Edit, 9/5/08-10:15am To answer the question in the comments, users can submit as many ideas as they like, but we’d prefer that you keep it somewhat focused, so both the artists and the live audience can best understand the suggestion(s).

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19 Responses to Official 9.20.08 Topic Suggestion Post!

  1. Jenn says:


  2. Max says:

    Are we playing the one suggestion per person game again? Or is it free reign?

    Kermit dressed as Rambo shooting a railgun

    Zombie Mario

    Chicken missing a head

    Chainsaw chasing a person

    Neo in a tutu

    Russian Roulette musical chairs

    Solid Snake eating an endangered species

    an FBI agent killed by a natzi ninja

  3. greg says:

    Orthodox Jew Pirates

    The Planters Peanut man dueling with the Monopoly man (The top hat and monocle battle!)

    A gun which fires M C Escher’s impossible objects

    Mr T as drawn by Picasso

    The Sweedish Chef preparing Kermit the Froglegs

    I’m sure I’ll have more later.

  4. Thomas C says:

    Japanese school girl attacking zombie(s) with a chainsaw, a la The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers

    Kamikaze hot air balloon pilot

    A pen conquering a pile of swords

    A schizophrenic pirate ninja, possibly in a house of mirrors

  5. Mauricio A. Franco says:

    -Zombie Bankers vs. Pirate PR guys
    -break dancing bear
    -Nell Rankin and her pet jaguar, King Tut
    -a ninja choreography, Thriller style
    -dystopian time traveler
    -an army of bomb-headed robots burning a junkyard
    -Sylvester stallone mourning the death of cinema (or handing himself in for the murder)
    maybe more later….

  6. Lumox says:

    evil Mr. Potatohead putting peices on a human, in all the wrong places.

    Sonic the Hedgehog beating Superman and a bullet in a race.

    Roller blading demon in a onesie

    George Bush as a monkey

    The Megazord having a nice steak dinner with Godzilla

    Amazonian Women vs geeks in an epic dodgeball game

  7. Brandon says:

    The elite super-human fighting force known as Rush

    Alf as Conan (barbarian or show host)

    Shatner knee deep in blood at a star wars con

    Papa Georgio (and his zombie mowing lambo)

    A hippo acting like Jim Morrison

    Nick ruling the world with an iron fist

    Aquaman having a nervous breakdown in a fish market

    Edith Bunker fronting the Beastie Boys

    Chuck Norris kicking ass in an old folks home

  8. Frog says:

    A rock and roll superhero fighting A 150 foot robot.

  9. OtakuHat says:

    The artist themselves in the opposite gender?
    Maybe all those topics but in the opposite style?
    like american comic in anime form or a specific cartoon style?

  10. Vicissitude says:

    Ork Funkboyz


    The Loch Ness Monster at a Discoteque.

  11. Ken and Ryu VS Billy and Jimmy Lee in
    EXtreme Ping Pong.

  12. Nik says:

    Family Ties, Who’s The Boss, or Saved By the Bell…
    …the fighting game.

  13. Friday says:

    Marie SkÅ‚odowska–Curie as 1960’s superhero.

  14. Eduardo says:

    An utter defeat

    A penguin and a fox in a battle

    And perhaps the most hilarious, over the top thing you can think of.

  15. Jommy says:

    Boxing gloves
    Large containers
    Things that look suspiciously like penises?

  16. Lurch Kimded says:

    – Da Vinci’s Robot Monster of Doooooom
    – The revenge of the Sea
    – Stupid Sinister Sheep

  17. Randi says:


    Chicken Wings

    Pirates wearing princess dresses

  18. Alligator
    a 1964 Chevy Nova
    a luchadore on vacation
    the IRS
    Steven Hawking
    the Village People
    Dr. Doom
    Dr. Evil
    Dr. Doogie Howser, MD
    A Shy Guy
    Steampunk Flavor Flav
    Seymor from Little Shop of Horrors
    The Blob
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Evil Preschool girl

  19. Colonel Saunders Vs. Orval Redembaucker

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