Who Are “The Comic Boys”?

As already announced for Super Art Fight III: Turbo, the first houseband for the evening announced was Charm City’s own, AVEC.

A hard working, incomperable band who’s mixture of hard licks and dueling male and female vocals are sure to leave you rocked, and rocked hard, we felt that that would be enough to satisfy you, the hardcore Art Fight fan.

But then we received a mysterious letter.

The letter, written in rather odd verbage, claimed to be from a group called “The Comic Boys”.

In this letter they indicated that they are big fans of Super Art Fight, and wanted nothing more to play the stage at the Ottobar on December 20th.  Despite the fact that we had no idea who they were, we decided what the heck, let’s bring them on board.

Little did we know what we were in for.   No sooner than we agree to bring The Comic Boys on as the 2nd musical guest for Super Art Fight III: Turbo on December 20th, we receive their rider.

For those who aren’t familiar, a rider is a list of requirements, or “perks” necessary for the band to play the show.  Typically, this is things like “we’d like bottled water backstage” or “how about some chips?”.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

But The Comic Boys?  They demanded a surreal mixture of items, including Steak (requested as “medium rare”), no less than 3 luchadore masks (one of “Tiger Mask”), and a human bowling outfit.

What the hell do these Comic Boys have in mind for December 20th? And who are they really?

All those questions and more will be answered on December 20th at the Ottobar, as Super Art Fight III: Turbo hits the stages, and The Comic Boys hit the stage with what they describe as “Japanese Action Comic Punk”.

…wait a minute…

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